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Spark AR for Instagram

spark AR

 Spark AR for Instagram – introduction and the ultimate guide to use!

Augmented Reality has been here for decades. It has limitless use cases.

Developers and experts are still scratching the possibilities and exploring this amazing technology. Industries are revolutionizing with the use of Augmented Reality.

In no time AR has stepped in in multiple industries. Augmented Reality became the buzzing word with the launch of the game Pokémon Go.

Are you using Snapchat? Well, those interesting filters in Snapchat are created with the help of AR. Facebook has been using it to increase sales and marketing.

With the introduction of the Spark AR studio, we can see augmented reality on Instagram as well. Back then Augmented Reality was majorly used in gaming. But gradually, AR expanded its usability in many industries.

The use case of AR is not just limited to gaming, we use it now for training, education, and more.

AR is widely adopted in industries like healthcare, the oil and gas industry, defense, media and entertainment, retail, manufacturing, automotive, etc. Let us move to our topic.

spark AR
What is spark AR?

What is Spark AR:

Spark AR is a creative and engaging approach to explore the marketing and fun capabilities of Instagram.

SparkAR studio allows creating fun filters mixed with the real-world for Instagram stories using Augmented Reality.

The studio is compatible with Windows as well as macOS and allows the creation of AR effects for smartphone cameras.

It was first launched three years back in 2017.

Spark AR is embedded with powerful AR software. It allows creators to easily use templates and libraries.

The best part of the software is you do not need to be technical to use SparkAR. You are creative? Do you have an idea? Spark AR takes your creativity to next level. You get a platform to show your creative skills to billions.

Initially, it was restricted to only beta users to create and share custom filters but now it is open for all.

Let us have a glace on numbers “Today, Spark AR is the largest platform for mobile AR, with more than 400,000 creators from 190 countries, who have published over 1.2 million AR effects on Facebook and Instagram.

And in just the last three months, more than 150 accounts have seen their effects generate more than 1 billion views.

How is Spark AR going to impact businesses?

Instagram has grown to be an important platform for marketing. It has a family of 1 billion users. Instagram will reach 112.5 million U.S users in 2020 and is the second most downloaded application on the apple app store.

Engage bigger audiences: Instagram has 500 million active users on daily basis. It will allow industries like cosmetics, furniture, clothing, footwear, jewelry to use products, and check. This touches the customer emotionally and helps to connect with the product. It helps businesses to make personalized connections with users. The try feature has immense potential to target a huge Instagram population.

  • Freedom of creativity: Creators and brands get to virtually create designs and put them on stories.  Right now only some brands like Rayban are using it but sparkAR developers are working to position AR on the brand page. This will give a more customized solution.
  • Increases Brand Recognition: Designs created are added in stories, if a user likes a filter she or he will use it in their story. This is indirectly going to increase brand awareness and hence brand recognition. It increases interaction with the audience.
  • Great opportunity for influencers:  It helps turn imagination to reality though virtually. Influencers can play with the filters and amaze their followers. For example, model Kylie Jenner allows users to try make-ups like lipsticks via AR before purchasing products. The same goes for clothing and jewelry influencers.

What are the uses of Spark AR?

  • Enhanced view: spark AR creates Spark in the existing environment. You can be informative, have an immersive experience, create fun filters using sparkAR. You can use visual programming to add animate objects in your filter and get an enhanced view. Spark AR allows us to even add our own sounds and 3D objects in AR effects.
  • World effect: You can make a virtual scene and take it and place it anywhere across the world. Creators get to add virtual objects in their real surroundings.
  • Expand digital creative skills: Spark AR helps users to explore their digital creative skills. You get ample options to create your filter. You just need an idea and with the help of AR, you can make your idea turn real virtually.
  • Spread AR to masses: We are living in an app-driven era. Application is entitled to save time as well as kill time. Millennials love to spend scrolling Instagram feed, sharing fun filters, creating stories. Spark AR will help to create customized filters and share them. This makes the platform an apt medium to take AR to the masses.

How to use Spark AR?

Initially, the use was limited to the following creators to incorporate filters to own stories. But now, you do not need to follow the creator you can just go and click on the tab present on their page.

Well, do you want to create your own filter? You can follow the given steps:

Install: Download SparkAR player on your smartphone and install it on your device. Next, you need to download and install SparkAR studio on your computer.

Steps to use Spark AR
Steps to use Spark AR

Connect: Connect the handheld device to a personal computer through a USB cable. If you have used animation software before you have an advantage here, but beginners need not worry as well.

SparkAR resources are helpful in guiding and instructing, you can have a read before starting. You can join the community as well to get quick answers to your queries.

Test: To test your creation you get two options. You can see it on your device on spark AR player or you can go for viewing in Facebbok or Instagram app.

Publish AR effect: You need to fill in your details and upload an example video before submitting it via SparkAR Hub. Once you get approval which may take 4 business days you can use and share your customized filter.


Spark AR has immense capabilities to add spark in businesses as well as in users’ life. Augmented Reality is a great way to make an emotional personalized connection with your audience. This technology is all set to bring disruptive changes.

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