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    List of Best AR apps for Android and iOS in 2021

    List of best AR apps for Android and iOS in 2021 Let’s have fun with the best AR apps. How many times have you checked different apps since you wake up? Well, I suppose multiple times. I thought to count the number of times I check different apps for a whole day. And I couldn’t […]

  • Augmented Reality for kids


    Augmented Reality for kids-usage and applications!

     How Augmented Reality for kids help kids to grow in all dimensions? Augmented Reality appears to be one of the most promising technology. We are well acquainted with the impact of AR in gaming. It all started with Pokémon Go four years back and since then has been disrupting the market such as marketing, defense […]

  • spark AR

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    Spark AR for Instagram

     Spark AR for Instagram – introduction and the ultimate guide to use! Augmented Reality has been here for decades. It has limitless use cases. Developers and experts are still scratching the possibilities and exploring this amazing technology. Industries are revolutionizing with the use of Augmented Reality. In no time AR has stepped in in multiple […]

  • Augmented Reality in Election campaign

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    Augmented Reality ready to revolutionize election campaign?

     Is Augmented Reality ready to revolutionize the election campaign? Do you think Augmented Reality is ready to revolutionize the election campaign? As we know Augmented Reality is quick to enter in most of the industry. Some of the prominent industries in which Augmented Reality is already reaching height are education, gaming, advertisement, retail, fashion, media […]

  • AR dating app


    Augmented Reality Dating For The iPhone

    As part of my talk, I was giving an overview of the opportunities and how companies can include augmented reality functionality in their existing solutions. One of the examples I gave was around online dating. Specifically, if you are single, wouldn’t it be great to be able to see who around you right now is […]

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    Best Augmented Reality Apps in 2020

    Augmented Reality (AR) apps in 2020 mean business. Having shed their entertainment only tag, the best augmented reality apps are making a splash in the real world of ecommerce, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, education, architecture, robotics and much more. Simply put, augmented reality works towards adding extra layers of digital information to a real image or […]

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    Top Augmented Reality Android Apps 2020

    Google Glass promises to introduce augmented reality for its users. By simply using the glasses, it will be possible to view the status of Facebook, Twitter updates, maps, and much more running in the background of our physical environment. Augmented reality has also been integrated into Android applications. By taking advantage of the phone’s GPS, the camera and […]

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    Lenovo is the smartphone that will take advantage of Google’s augmented reality

    The Chinese company Lenovo on the occasion of Tech World 2016 , in San Francisco, presented the new smartphone, PHAB2 , the smartphone that will first use Tango, Google’s software at the service of augmented reality (AR) applications. Lenovo has worked with Google for about a year on Tango, which has elements of augmented reality and virtual reality. Google sold the development kit for $ 512 to […]

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    ColAR, Augmented Reality and magic for iOS and Android

    ColAR is the perfect mix between physical interaction and the virtual world of technology. Using augmented reality, the application takes the drawings and transforms them into animated 3D models. The models are projected onto the scene thanks to the iOS camera or an Android device. ColAR Augmented Reality App Concept & Experience The app takes […]

  • Augmented Reality in Fashion


    How Augmented Reality is Redefining the Fashion Industry

    What is augmented reality? Augmented reality is a technology in which the user experience an interactive real-world environment. In this environment, the computer-generated images are enhanced. These images are usually touchable and, in some cases, might not be interactive. However, on the other hand, virtual reality is an animation or virtual view in a computer-generated […]

  • mobile augmented reality


    Best Mobile Augmented Reality Apps for Android and IOS

    Mobile augmented reality is one of the most explosive growth areas for AR applications. Such mobile devices that support AR are becoming less expensive and more popular. Thus, various types of augmented reality apps can run on smartphones. These AR apps allow viewing computer-generated images on the top of a real-world object. Furthermore, according to […]

  • Handheld AR equipment


    Headset Vs Handheld AR Equipment| Real-World Applications Of Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality has been around for years. However, it wasn’t as common until IOS, and android smartphones came equipped with a camera, GPS, and AR capability. Augmented reality is the technology that engaging more people towards the brands and industries. Now these days, augmented reality is quite easy to access for people. In some cases, […]