Can Augmented Reality Be Used in Billboard Advertising?

Seen the big banners while driving down the highway ?

What about the huge NIKE AD in the tallest skyscraper of your city?

Could all these being turn out to be primitive modes of advertising. Am I sure of what I am talking?

Well, yes – seems like augmented reality can disrupt the physical banner based advertising. While still in a test mode, see the video below from SketchAR.tech – a promising new way of billboard advertising projected right onto buildings in the neighbourhood.

Check it out below:

Video Credits: SketchAR.tech

What other ways could Augmented Reality Help Businesses?

Well, hover around our blog and read more posts about how small businesses are getting benefited from augmented reality. The future holds lot of promise. InAugment hosts a range of awesome videos to help you believe what can be possible with augmented reality.

Could InAugment Grow Your Agency / Business ?

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