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How Augmented Reality is transforming brands and industries

Augmented reality is a combination of a real-world environment with computer-generated images. These images might be touchable while in some case might be non-interactive. While on the other hand, Virtual reality is an entirely different experience for the user as compared to real worlds. In this technology, animations make the virtual environment more entertaining. Both of these technologies are getting famous due to their use in daily life. Maybe you didn’t notice; these types of technologies are already being used in gaming, entertainment, and educational purposes.

However, VR and AR technologies have now stepped into vast industries such as fashion and healthcare.

Augmented Reality in healthcare

Augmented Reality in healthcare

Augmented Reality in healthcare is already pretty famous. Doctors have started using this technology in medical practices and diagnosing patients. For example. A patient that are not able to briefly explain their condition, or in some circumstance the pain radiates and finding the exact location of the pain is complicated, with the help of AR can easily get rid out of this. Augmented reality is helping doctors in doing complicated surgeries of those organs which can’t be seen easily.

Augmented Reality in Fashion

Augmented Reality in Fashion

After getting triumphant welcome in Healthcare by saving hundreds of lives, augmented reality is getting more popular in the fashion and apparel industry.

American Apparel

American apparel is a colour changing app. As you know, clothing retailers have a massive variety of colours in their collections. To make the colour choosing process for a specific item more comfortable, they created an in-store AR mobile app. This application allows the customers to view a product in different available colours. This will also help the buyer to read the previous reviews about the product.


The converse is a different type of augmented reality application developed for the iPhone. This app is especially for those people who don’t like physical shopping. By pointing the phone at their legs, customer can make orders directly through augmented reality app without going to market.


This is a new way to try on clothes without actually wearing them. A British apparel brand adopted this technology in 2011. Due to the enormous welcome, many fashion brands have been using this technology.

Furthermore, you can say that the brand is different, but the technology they are using is the same. With the help of augmented reality, you are trying on clothes without actually wearing them.

Besides, for fashion industries or apparel brands, augmented reality is a tool that can revolutionize how a customer interacts with the brands and products. Furthermore, these brands use this unique technology to attract more people to their brands.

Augmented reality is changing the way of doing online shopping. With the advancement in Smartphones and other technologies, ecommerce has got a fair chunk. However, some online shopping brands are looking forward to engaging more people by using augmented reality. These brands are looking to enhance their customers shopping experience by using computer-generated images in a real-world environment.

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