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    AR Invaders | Augmented Reality Gaming

    Those pesky aliens are at it again, invading our cities, forests, living rooms, and just about anything else they can. The last line of Earth’s defense is you. God help us. AR Invaders and Look Up are two new games courtesy of Soulbit7 that bring the classic alien space invaders genre up to date with […]

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    iPhone Markerish Augmented Reality Games

    Spin-Off Games HIT Lab NZ Ltd has set up a spin-off games company called Slapdown Games. Hit Labs are one of the driving forces behind augmented reality so setting up an augmented reality games company is a signal of their intent for the future. Currently, they have two augmented reality games available in the iPhone […]

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    Augmented Reality Gaming With Lasers

    Most mobile augmented reality games require you to stand in the middle of the room and use the camera on your mobile device to scan for hidden enemies. You know the type; kill the invading aliens, ghosts, bubbles, insets, etc. Regardless of the motives of the enemy the premise is always the same, scan around […]

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    Top 5 Alter Reality Games and Why You Should Be Playing Them

    When it comes to the gaming industry, augmented reality has found a big place there. You can recall that AR technology gained a lot of popularity through Pokemon Go. Having found its way into gaming and entertainment, we have seen many augmented reality games being developed, and these games can be played with smartphones, tablets, […]

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    Facebook to Read Your Thoughts Soon – Courtesy Augmented Reality

    Recently, Facebook hinted on the progress of its brain-computer interface (BCI) program, which would use augmented reality to literally read the mind and decode messages into text, completely hands-free. If you’ve ever tried to imagine how far the augmented reality technology can go in transforming how we live and engage in everyday activities, then it’s […]