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    Augmented Reality – A New Way of Transferring Knowledge

    Augmented Reality (AR) means computer-assisted expansion of the perception of reality. Although all senses can be addressed, AR is understood to mean the expansion of visual reality. In contrast to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality also perceives the environment. When you look through your mobile phone (AR Apps) or glasses (Hololense), computer-generated additional information in […]

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    What Is The Future of Augmented Reality In Education?

    What Is The Future of Augmented Reality In Education? The learning procedure will influence.  AR has the potential to modify the location and time of analyzing, to present new and additional methods and methods.  Capabilities of Augmented Reality technology can make courses more engaging and information more apprehendable. Educators understand that the learning procedure should […]

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    Lenovo is the smartphone that will take advantage of Google’s augmented reality

    The Chinese company Lenovo on the occasion of Tech World 2016 , in San Francisco, presented the new smartphone, PHAB2 , the smartphone that will first use Tango, Google’s software at the service of augmented reality (AR) applications. Lenovo has worked with Google for about a year on Tango, which has elements of augmented reality and virtual reality. Google sold the development kit for $ 512 to […]

  • Use of Augmented Reality in Education and Training


    Use of Augmented Reality in Education and Training

    Augmented reality in education is going to replace all the conventional learning methods. Soon, AR will get all the attention of people as this will change the location and timing of studying, to introduce new ways and means. The use of augmented reality in education will convert conventional classes into a more engaging and informative […]

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    Why Augmented Reality Books Help Your Child Learn Smarter

    Augmented reality may have been popularized by Pokemon Go, Snapchat filters and the likes, centering around entertainment, but that is just a minute aspect of what the technology can be used for. The education sector is one area where augmented reality can find a lot of use. The potential is massive, and in this article, […]

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    Do You Know What Does Augment Mean?

    You’ve probably heard and read some things about this technology called ‘augmented reality.’ It is not just one of the new technologies making waves now, it is also expected to bring tremendous changes to how we do things in the future in many ways. But, first things first, what really is this technology about and […]

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    How Augmented Reality Business Cards Work

    Augmented reality is one of such technologies that have come to enhance our current reality. As with every innovation, we will continue to explore different ways of putting it into use. This time, we want to see how augmented reality can help our business and marketing drive, focusing on business cards. Have you heard of […]