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  • Facebook Augmented Reality Ads

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    Facebook Augmented Reality Ads-step by step guideline!

     Step-by-step guideline to create Facebook Augmented Reality Ads Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms with an active family of 2.60 billion. A huge population on a single platform paves ample opportunities for marketing and businesses. Facebook has been actively helping businesses with better marketing, reach, and expansion. But, with the same old […]

  • spark AR

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    Spark AR for Instagram

     Spark AR for Instagram – introduction and the ultimate guide to use! Augmented Reality has been here for decades. It has limitless use cases. Developers and experts are still scratching the possibilities and exploring this amazing technology. Industries are revolutionizing with the use of Augmented Reality. In no time AR has stepped in in multiple […]

  • Augmented Billboards


    Can Augmented Reality Be Used in Billboard Advertising?

    Seen the big banners while driving down the highway ? What about the huge NIKE AD in the tallest skyscraper of your city? Could all these being turn out to be primitive modes of advertising. Am I sure of what I am talking? Well, yes – seems like augmented reality can disrupt the physical banner […]