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The World Leading Augmented Reality Solutions and Platform

  • March 24, 2020
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The World Leading Augmented Reality Solutions and Platform

What are augmented reality solutions ? 

Augmented Reality completely can be a game-changer for many industries by transforming tedious methods. Augmented reality helps businesses to think of unique marketing strategies with enormous potential. Augmented Reality plays a vital role as it affects how we perceive things.  Reality solution simulates a real-life surroundings while creating a completely immersive user experience. In Quytech, we develop advanced Augmented Reality applications for varied business requirements. We provide brands with AR solutions with advanced marketing techniques and campaigns. Our options have the potential for creating experiences across diverse platforms and industry verticals. Reality solutions are unique, captivating, transforming and effective at adding value to the client’s company in this world that is technical where you can find in inaugment.

Augmented Reality Solutions – Bringing People Closer To Your Product:

Augmented Reality (AR) solutions are alternatives which are represented within a movie that makes a perception of the actual universe and is further enhanced by computer images.

The AR options are based on the grounds of bridging the difference between occasions and computer programming, to remain attractive to our perceptions. The business is dominated by AR solutions with functions as a promotion and sales tool. Using Augmented Reality could be brought up a notch by employing technology to make it manipulative.  Industries utilize use of the Benefits of AR technology to: 

  • Get consumers to socialize with products/ solutions. 
  • Provide true and visual self-instructions. 
  • Create cheap mockup designs.
  • Create schooling and interactive tools. 

Augmented reality solution providers: 

Augmented reality is still somewhat exotic within the world of IT, although there are already many products with AR.  No wonder, the list of finest augmented reality firms needs to be brief, whenever you have a list to select from. On the other hand, the success of things such as Pokemon Go and Ikea programs proves the potential of AR for industrial usage. 

Our listing consists of top augmented reality companies which have succeeded in AR growth with programs, games, gear, and applications.  

Scanta is a wonderful Augmented Reality based application by the company that ventured in 2016.  Headquartered at New York and San Francisco, Scanta specializes in delivering exceptional concepts in Augmented Reality.  Liaising with brands such as Apple and Google to make emojis for their products was one of the jobs.

AR Emojis being a core product aimed to deliver a seamless integration of augmented personalities from video’s concept making and sharing.  Moreover, Scanta was growing distinctive AR games like AR Dunk (an augmented reality basketball match ) and Polygons (an FPS AR shooting game). 

NEXT/NOWA team of innovators from Chicago, the USA specializing in blending electronic and physical environments. Through AR, VR, and animation, they supplement bodily areas (exhibits, trade shows and brand chambers ) with interactive elements and apparatus, i.e. holographic displays, touch surfaces, motion trackers, three-dimensional vision, etc. In terms of service lines, the Next/Now team provides Augmented Reality, 360-degree videos, projection mapping, movement and gesture management, 3D cartoon screens.

VironIT Since 2004, VironIT has successfully proven it’s worth employing the technologies to produce remarkable VR, AR, and information visualization projects for their clientele. The company offers full-game and entertainment development services, leveraging the talent of software engineers. VironIT chooses solutions for quality services and makes the best use of material and time resources required for the project.

Some key features of Augmented Reality and IoT integrated solution:

  • Augment IoT devices and products.
  • Streaming data from connected devices and detectors for real time apparatus operations and analytics. 
  • Identify applicable information from the integration of cloud APIs, existing enterprise systems information, textual instructions, videos and more.
  • Compatibility with multiple AR display devices like mobile, tablet, smart hat, smart glasses.

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