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Firefox Reality VR Browser – An Awesome Innovation

  • August 13, 2020
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Firefox Reality VR Browser – An Awesome Innovation

Before emerging into the interesting part, if you are new to the world of virtual reality and Web VR, then it will not be unusual to ask the most basic question, “What the heck is WebVR?” Well, let me answer that for you.


WebVR is basically a technology or system that allows web designers and developers to create a hyper virtually realistic scenario for the users. And, since the whole system is web-based, that is why the name WebVR. To experience virtual reality within your devices, you need to have access to a VR headset. The control VR panel allows you to navigate within the virtually realistic scenario. And, the Firefox Reality VR browser allows you to enable this system within your device.

Mozilla is building Firefox Reality, a new cross-platform web ...
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Now, let me ask you a question. How cool do you think it will be to visit places without stepping a foot outside of your own house? The coolest thing ever. Right? Especially when the world is going through a pandemic and locked inside their homes. Well, Firefox Reality VR can make your dream come true. No matter whether you want yourself immersed within a 360-degree YouTube video or want to watch a video while playing a game. The Firefox Reality VR Browser has got you covered.

However, the Firefox Reality Browser was first published in the year 2018 as a smartphone-powered Virtual Reality headset. And back then the Samsung Gear VR headsets and Google Daydream used to be a real deal. But dishearteningly those days are long gone. With the advent PC-powered VR headsets and standalone, the smartphone-powered VR headsets took a back seat. The reason for this sudden replacement simply was the quality experience that those PC-powered VR headsets were able to provide their users with. Those systems provided users with a more impactful experience which, without any doubt, the users savoured.

Explore the immersive web with Firefox Reality. Now available for ...
Source: The Mozilla Blog

The smartphone-powered VR headsets got replaced by the PC-powered VR headsets and with that immersed new browsers such as the standalone Oculus Quest VR headset. But even then, the Firefox Reality browser held its ground. And after making the users wait for a long time, the PC version of the virtual reality browser has been finally released. The PC version of the browser works both on a tethered headset and on the wireless one.

Impressive features of the Firefox Reality VR Browser

With the Firefox Reality VR Browser, you can experience 2D overlay browsing, along with immersive applications and support systems. Also, web-based immersive experience will be provided for VR headsets connected with PC. While using the controller to get access to the web content onscreen that time, you can also connect with the Internet as a whole. Accessing it will be a cakewalk as well the resource will be available within your virtual environment in a floating condition. I mean, just think how cool is that! Streaming 360-degree videos have also been made easier with the Firefox Reality VR Browser. Integrated with platforms like KaiXR, Vimeo, so on and so forth. It also allows to browse and view 3D web content created using WebXR, WebVR.

Here's what we think about your privacy at Mozilla - Internet Citizen
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Also, the privacy of the users has been prioritised. However, to make your experience furthermore secure, you do not need anything from your side. Your usual browser security system will be applicable on the Firefox Reality VR Browser as it is.

Now just in case you have also become a fan of this product and planning to download right away, then here is some information that you might find useful:

Is your computer ready for this technology?

If you are a tech-savvy person, then should be no news to you. Technology is evolving fast. The marketplace is flooding with new technological systems and devices, every other day. And that is why no matter how silly this question sounds, this a plausible one and we cannot deny that.

Firefox Reality 1.4
Source: Mozilla Mixed Reality Blog

The virtual reality applications require access to rigorous system resources. If you are confused about whether or not your computer is ready to incorporate the brand-new Firefox Reality VR Browser, then you can run a SteamVR Performance Test.

Now if your device qualifies the test, then this simply just go ahead download the PC preview.

Here is how:

The PC preview has been made available for download and you can download it directly from the HTC Viveport store. Your device needs to be accessible through the Viveport store, for the PC preview to run. 

Right after the initial preview release, Firefox has already confirmed future updates and alongside the initial features, it is also planning to introduce more advanced features to enhance the user experience and also to increase the stability of the system.

End words

Firefox has been a trusted browser from the initial days. Its attempt to venture to add values to its already variant group of products is great indeed. Even though it made the users wait longer than expected before releasing the PC version of the Firefox Reality VR Browser, but the functionality of the device supposedly will make it up for the late release.

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