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  • Ar-Facebook-Smoke-AR.

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    Smoki AR Facebook Fun

    If you have a Facebook account take a look at the Smoki augmented reality game. Smoki Augmented Reality Game : If you have no idea what Smoki’s are, think Wotsits if you’re British, think Cheetos if you’re from across the pond. Smoki’s I’m informed by Ivan Rečević from HUGE Media, the games creator is a […]

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    Augmented Reality types: Definition and examples

    Today, let us dive into the theory aspect of Augmented Reality. We are well-versed with Augmented Reality technology but did you know there are different Augmented Reality types?  We have seen immense applications of Augmented Reality in the present scenario. Augmented Reality is being used in healthcare to assist medical professionals and train medical students. […]

  • Microsoft-Holodeck-or-Halolens – The-Future-Of-Virtual-Reality-Gaming

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    Microsoft Holodeck or Halolens – The Future Of Virtual Reality Gaming

    Microsoft Holodeck could be the future of virtual reality gaming. The Redmond, WA company has recently filed a patent that would immerse gamers into a virtual reality gaming environment. Why You Choose Microsoft Holodeck? The Microsoft Holodeck patent describes “an interactive computing system configured to provide an immersive display experience.” Microsoft Holodeck will project the […]

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    Is Augmented Reality going to be a trillion-dollar industry?

    Is Augmented Reality going to be a trillion-dollar industry? – Glimpse of past, present, and future! In today’s era Augmented Reality is not a new term anymore but it is still the most buzzing word. Now and then the Augmented Reality technology comes up with new technical innovations or tools. Companies are leaving no stone […]

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    Augmented Reality remote assistance – the new reality!

    Augmented Reality remote assistance- the new reality! In the time of pandemic when movement is restricted, Augmented Reality in remote assistance is a savior. Rachel’s internet is not working properly. She contacts the service provider. The service provider asks her to explain the issue. She is not exactly aware of the parts and put a […]

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    Some Cool Educational Augmented Reality Demo

    We hear all the time about how augmented reality demo is going to change our lives and bring the education experience to life. Everything from changing our printed books by including rich interactive multimedia to the way we experience a trip to the museum. Proving education can be fun, New Zealand based company, MindSpace Solutions […]

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    Get Real – Redefining Augmented Reality Game

    Last week I and Nitin went off to the Gadget Show in the UK to see the latest and greatest innovation. I enjoyed the event and if I learned one thing it’s that 3D TV is amazing and I want one. As expected, the event didn’t have a big augmented reality game, the only content […]

  • A boy wearing goggles

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    Google Goggles Available For The iPhone

    The long-awaited Goggle Goggles image recognition application has finally arrived for iPhone users. I know, I know… Goggles is a visual search application. But someday this is what AR will become. Every object will be known and identified in seconds and will provide associated real-time context. If you are not sure what Google Goggles is, or […]

  • tagwhat


    Tagwhat Augmented Reality Social Networking

    Tagwhat is the latest mobile augmented reality browser to hit the iPhone and the Android. We take a ‘first look’ at the demo application available in the app store. Tagwhat differentiates itself from other augmented reality applications by positioning itself as an augmented reality social networking application rather than as yet another augmented reality browser providing visual search. […]

  • ar invaders

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    AR Invaders | Augmented Reality Gaming

    Those pesky aliens are at it again, invading our cities, forests, living rooms, and just about anything else they can. The last line of Earth’s defense is you. God help us. AR Invaders and Look Up are two new games courtesy of Soulbit7 that bring the classic alien space invaders genre up to date with […]

  • magazine


    The World’s First Mobile Augmented Reality Special Magazine Edition

    Within a few years, it will be common to use a mobile phone to interact with magazines in order to gain access to exclusive content. To give us a glimpse of what the future holds, Metaio has been working hard with SZ Magazine to give their readers an augmented reality experience they’ll never forget. Tomorrow, […]

  • augmented reality gaming

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    Augmented Reality Games, A Fad Too Far?

    Nothing better than relaxing by switching on the TV games, killing a few aliens or shooting a few bad guys from the comfort of the living room chair. I even partake in the odd iPhone game from time to time as I enjoy a spot of casual gaming.  However, is it just me or are […]