How Augmented Reality is Redefining the Fashion Industry

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a technology in which the user experience an interactive real-world environment. In this environment, the computer-generated images are enhanced. These images are usually touchable and, in some cases, might not be interactive. However, on the other hand, virtual reality is an animation or virtual view in a computer-generated environment.

Augmented reality in the fashion industry

Among all the industries, few may be as open to innovation as the fashion industry. According to a survey, there is more than $2.5 trillion industry of fashion. After getting a triumphant welcome in other industries such as healthcare and business, AR in fashion and apparel industry is getting equally famous and popular.

Due to the high demand for Ecommerce stores, many brands and industries are targeting an audience through online shopping stores. Research shows that global ecommerce sales are growing more than the rate of 8.8% of the estimated total retail spending in 2018.

Gap’s Dressing Room

Gap's Dressing Room

The dressing room is an augmented reality app that lets their customers try their cloths anywhere at any place using Tango-enabled Smartphones.
This AR app can help you to customize your avatar based on your body type. You might also check the different cloths styles and colors. When you pick the right style and color, you can order the clothes through ecommerce or online shopping center.

Wannabe’s Wanna Kicks

Another famous app developed for online shopping customers is Wanna Kicks. It is an IOS application that enables customers to try different pair of sneakers which are available in 3D models.

A shopper just chooses the pair of kicks by just pointing the camera at feet. This will help them to determine how these shoes will look like on your feet.
Furthermore, an augmented reality not only covers the clothing alone in the fashion industry, but it also has a huge grip on cosmetics and other accessories.

Tenth Street hat

Tenth Street Hat

The hat brand designer from California offers augmented reality options on their products app. On the Virtual Try-On app, the shopper selects the items and can try it through the app. This will help you to choose the best hat that how it looks like.

Sephora‘s Virtual Artist

Just like clothing brands, cosmetics brands are also further looking for the use of augmented reality. This app helps its customers to try on the products virtually on their faces and other body parts using the device front cam.
This app scans the face using the Smartphone’s cam and AR technology. After that, they see their face with makeup on their device screen. This app is so popular all over the world. You will be amazed to know that more than 45 million times, this app was used in the first eight weeks.

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