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Augmented Reality companies- Innovative AR companies in 2021

  • March 15, 2021
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Augmented Reality companies- Innovative AR companies in 2021

List of most innovative and fast-growing Augmented Reality companies in 2021

A plethora of Augmented Reality application opportunities is lying ahead. The Augmented Reality companies are raising the bar in terms of user experience. The companies are actively involved in scratching new opportunities and offering an optimized experience. If you are looking for the most innovative Augmented Reality companies, your search ends here. Companies have stepped into different industries and are using the Augmented Reality technology to revolutionize the workflow.

Augmented Reality companies
Augmented Reality companies (


Augmented Reality has the immense potential to transform the workflow of the industry. The technology hits the marketing, training, and user-experience of any industry majorly. The giant players such as Google, Microsoft, Apple are leaving no stone unturned to mark the footprint. A  lot is yet to unfold, let us see when new solutions commercially revolutionize the market.

The most innovative Augmented Reality companies are:

I have made a list of Augmented Reality companies that you can look up to for your Augmented Reality projects. These innovative and top-performing companies have diverse experience backed up with a skilled and experienced team. But before, looking for a company you should know the potential and uses of Augmented Reality in your niche. We have covered few industries such as retail, healthcare, oil, and gas industry, footwear, fashion, software development, education, entertainment, advertisement, etc. You can check the application of AR in these industries by clicking on the link. Let us move to our topic:

·         Niantic:  

 The history of Niantic goes book to 2001 when the tech nerds and enthusiasts collaborated to form a keyhole later it introduced Google Map in 2009. Niantic is called a spin-off of Google. The hugely popular game, Pokemon Go worked as the breakthrough of the commercial application of Augmented Reality. Did you enjoy running after the zombie? Well, Pokemon Go was launched by Niantic in 2016. Pokemon Go played a crucial role in bringing the Augmented Reality technology into the mainstream.


Niantic says ‘it has built the World’s only planet scale augmented reality platform.’  The company focuses on mapping, security, and handling real-world communication. This leading augmented reality company has expertise in the augmented reality games niche.

·         NEXT/ NOW:

     Next/now is a digital marketing agency that specializes in offering augmented solutions. It is one of the most innovative Augmented Reality companies that believe in the art and science of virtual experience. The company has served popular brands like LG, Walmart, Discover, etc. NEXT/NOW is based in Chicago.

·         Styledotme:


 Styledotme is the world’s first company to revolutionize the jewelry shopping experience using Augmented Reality. MirrAR by styledotme enables customers to go for virtual try-on before purchasing the product. The virtual try-on feature has immensely increased the certainty in online shopping. MirrAR is an Augmented Reality platform for retail brands seeking to offer the virtual try-on experience to users. The company aims to elevate the e-commerce experience. Customers can either use webAR to check the online product as well as in-store product or can use the mirrAR app. So far mirrAR has served more than 200 clients. In its service span, the company has noted more than 900k virtual try-on.

·         Lucid Reality Labs: 

      Lucid Reality Labs is an award-winning company actively involved in developing Augmented reality solutions. Lucid Reality Labs offer Augmented solutions that improve business value across all industries.

It is one of the best Augmented Reality companies that collaborate with all sized businesses, varying from start-ups to well-established firms. Its offers solution by comprising different stages that are discovery stage, design stage, development stage, quality assurance stage, and deployment stage.

·         Edgybees:

     Edgybees is one of the pioneers of Augmented reality companies engrossed in developing real-time geo-tagging aerial video with the help of Augmented Reality. Edgebees serve different industries such as Public Safety, Defense, Critical infrastructure, Insurance. The company aims to improve team collaboration and save lives by boosting situational awareness. The company has expertise in pinpointing accurate locations and creating cutting-edge technology for Augmented Reality.

·        Cover corporation:

     The cover corporation is a Japan-based virtual entertainment company. The company develops animation solutions using Augmented Reality. The technology offers limitless opportunities in entertainment and live distribution services.

The cover corporation was founded in 2016 and is engaged in working for content development, gaming, video editing, virtual Reality, wearables, etc. It uses computer-generated graphics and 3D characters to develop animation and games.

·         Scandit:

     Scandit is a barcode augmented reality company. It enables scanning the barcode to get a piece of Augmented information. The company focuses on unifying the physical and digital world and making it more immersive. It uses the digital information overlaying feature of augmented reality.  Scandit says “we combine mobile barcode scanning, text recognition with Augmented Reality to turn smart devices into powerful data capture and visual display tools”.


Scandit, founded in 2009 is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is engaged in offering barcode solutions through AR overlays to multiple industries. It has witnessed more than a billion scans per year.

·          Upskill:

      Upskill is one of the leading U.S-based Augmented Reality companies.  Upskill has been recently acquired by TeamViewer to empower Augmented Reality solutions in different verticals. It is engaged in offering solutions to enhance the experience of the remote workflow. Augmented Reality remote assistance is highly beneficial for companies to instruct and guide the employees working remotely.

Upskill was founded in 2010 and since then is actively involved in offering wearable and advanced AR solutions. Upskill aims to change the way people work with the power of technology. Innovative solutions offered by upskill enrich customer experience. It has been honored with multiple awards.

Wrapping up:

Augmented Reality companies have limitless opportunities to grow and secure a position in the market. Technology is an ever-changing field. Now and Then the needs of the market keep changing. Here I have listed some of the most innovative and fast-progressing Augmented Reality companies. We are residing in a cut-throat competitive world, where each company is trying the best to be the most valuable.  I hope your quest to reach an apt AR company ends here!


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