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IKEA AR has launched Escape Room on the Snapchat app

  • March 13, 2021
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IKEA AR has launched Escape Room on the Snapchat app

IKEA AR has launched Escape Room on the Snapchat app

 My friend, Rachel was looking for a sofa set online. She looked confused and unsure of the Sofa set due to its size and color. I suggested, she uses the IKEA AR app, and that worked as the savior. Meanwhile, we got to know about Augmented Reality Escape Room by IKEA.

 Augmented Reality is one of the most powerful technology in the current time. The buzzing word ‘AR has been brewing for years now. Retailers are using this technology to engage with their audience. Augmented Reality campaign has become a familiar term to grow the engagement by leaps and bounds.   


Online shopping is a great time savior and convenient but shoppers are many a time unsure of the purchase. The technology has increased the probability of affirmation of the product before purchase leading to fewer returns. The world is changing at a faster pace, business needs to stay ahead of time to make the living better.

Augmented Reality has immense potential to revolutionize the workflow of the business. It has touched and impacted multiple industries like defense, oil and gas, retail, advertisement, healthcare, sports, and so on. IKEA is one of the foremost company, to leverage the benefits of Augmented Reality. Let us know a little more about the IKEA AR app.

What is IKEA AR?


IKEA is one of the world’s largest furniture retailer companies. IKEA AR is an Augmented Reality app that helps users virtually place the furniture in their space before purchasing.  IKEA place is one of the first apps to use Apple’s ARKit tech. Apple ARKit tech was introduced in 2017. The app enables customers to get a 3-D view of more than 2000 products present in the store. Customers can virtually place these products at the respective space and analyze how it mixes with the ambiance.

The Augmented Reality technology increases the potential of businesses. People do not have always the time to be present in the physical store. With the help of IKEA, AR customers can get a real-like feel of the store at the comfort of their couch. During online shopping, earlier customers had to go through the imagination to select the best product for their home. The imagination gap led to uncertainty and lack of confidence to hot the purchase tab. With the use of Augmented Reality, IKEA is able to increase the confidence and certainty to take the step to change their homes.

IKEA is obliged to finding new ways to interact with customers and increase engagement. This has led to the launch of the Escape room on the Snapchat app.

Escape Room app of IKEA:

The aim of IKEA behind creating the Escape Room is to push customers to engage virtually. It is a fun game app where the room is stuffed with furniture products and the user needs to organize it. ‘Escape room’ is a virtual bedroom model that users can virtually place anywhere on the flat surface. The model gets superimposed on the real space giving a real-like feel.

IKEA has collaborated with Ogilvy to develop this game campaign. ‘Escape Room’ is expected to be available on the Snapchat page throughout March.  Users’ can record the solution of puzzle games and share it on Snapchat’s Stories feature. Snapchat is a pioneer Augmented Reality filter app. You can know in detail about Snapchat and the role of Augmented Reality in this article.

As per the official IKEA site, “ we partnered with Buzzfeed to bring our ‘Escape the Clutter’ Snapchat lens into the real world.” IKEA has partnered with Buzzfeed to use the same room model for other gaming business endeavors. Are you ready to engage virtually with the IKEA AR app?

Escape Room – the IKEA AR game campaign!


Paul Anderson, IKEA’s U.S interior design leader says “ One of the challenges during this COVID-19 time is that we really want to create different experiences to continue to engage our customers with our home furnishing solutions in new ways- especially virtually. For people who are a little apprehensive of visiting our stores during this time, it’s about trying to really meet people where they’re at.”

IKEA is looking forward to implementing the Augmented Reality technology in different spheres of business. Paul Anderson further added, “ AR is actually becoming a tool that a lot of retailers are using in the home furnishing sphere to allow consumers to visualize products in their own home. So we are working and looking at other tools that we can use in the future here”.

What is in the IKEA AR Escape Room game:

The company believes we need to live in an organized space to improve our working potential  – how many likes for this? The game has multiple escape rooms. Each room is locked and you will get the clue to escape the room. But you need to find the keys yourself with the help of a clue.  The game is all about cleaning and cluttering the space. Once you reach the right IKEA organization solution, you will be able to escape the room. To play the game, you must have Snapchat installed on your device. Will you be able to escape the room, within the given time frame? Well, you need to play the game, to know that. The clock keeps ticking with each passing second, this builds up pressure in players to find ways to quickly organize the room.

How to get started with an Escape room?

·         Install:

To do some cleaning virtually, you need to install Snapchat on your device. Escape Room is available on Snapchat.

·         Scan:

Next, you can scan the code or you can directly start playing by clicking on the ‘play now’ tab present on the official IKEA site. This will directly take you to the game.

·         Play: 

Find your ways to clean your room with the help of a clue. Enjoy the game of cluttering and organization.

Wrapping up:

IKEA AR is a great usage of Augmented Reality technology to boost sales. Now and then, we can see new  AR ways to engage and enhance users’ experience. IKEA has come up with the amazing  IKEA Escape Room game, let’s see what’s next!


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