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which industries are taking advantage of AR remote assistance

  • January 19, 2021
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which industries are taking advantage of AR remote assistance

Which industries are taking advantage of AR remote assistance?

AR remote assistance could be the next big thing businesses are looking forward to embracing. You must have heard about Augmented Reality or might have used it unless you aren’t in hibernation. This powerful technology is always up with amazing solutions for businesses as well as customers. I have mentioned ample usage where businesses are using Augmented Reality to enhance user experience. I am sure you do not want to miss the magic technology brings into your life. You can check it here, here, and here.

Augmented Reality technology is being embraced by all types of businesses from B2B to B2C to the evolving model B2B2C.  AR remote assistance is developed aiming at all the above types of businesses. Today, Augmented Reality has become one of the most desirable technology worldwide.  Here, I will briefly introduce AR remote assistance, if you want deep insight you can give it a read here.

What is AR remote assistance?

AR remote assistance enables companies to offer a visual solution to problems. It allows a specialized person to collaborate with customers and technicians who need help in fixing the machine. The technology aims to offer an expert solution to manufacturing companies as well as customers. A 3D generated computer image helps to assist the person in the field accurately. AR remote assistance facilitates multiple advantages to businesses that I had covered in this article. Here we will explore industries using AR remote assistance. Ar based remote assistance works on the principle see what I see.

Industries using AR remote assistance:

The technology is quickly reaching varied industries and plays a significant role in boosting productivity. Customers love the technology-driven solution, workers love quick solutions henceforth businesses love the overall power-packed boost in productivity. But, which industries are making the most of it?

·         Consumer electronic brands:

Companies dealing directly with products like wearables, electronics, home appliances, etc. are using AR remote assistance. Here, new customers need help with settling down and operating products and older customers might need to get it fixed when it doesn’t work. Industries using this technology quickly helps customers gaining a positive impression and loyal relationship. Companies can stay with the customer throughout the lifecycle of their product.

·         Utility companies using AR remote assistance:

Utility companies have to deal with technical issues, costly field operations, high-risk activities, which increases the overall cost. It offers cost-effective solutions. The visual support minimizes the risk and speeds up the process. The visual support improves troubleshooting and maintenance, increases customer satisfaction as well as strong safety in the field.

·         Communication service providers:

Communication service providers are leveraging this technology to strengthen customer support. Advanced technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) is supporting a vast range of services. With the help of AR-based remote assistance, these companies can provide better and effective solutions to consumers. This improves customer satisfaction rate as well as reduce the replacement of parts. Vodafone is using this technology to increase customer support. Company agents can quickly detect the issue and assist in fixing it.

·         Insurance and financial institutions:

Insurance companies can positively take a look at the products such as vehicles and appliances claiming for insurance advantages. It helps insurance and financial institutions get a 3D view of vehicles and devices which gives a real-like view. Companies can easily check damages using this technology. It helps in taking better decisions while assuring insurance of the product. It enables better identification, increases the efficiency of processes, better risk classification, and much more.

·         Machinery manufacturing companies:

Machinery manufacturing companies need machines up and running machines. Many times even the most optimized machines all of sudden fails to work leading to a heavy reduction in productivity. It offers quick real-time guidance to workers. This visual support enables us to fix the issue instantly and resume work. Workers can easily consume the direction of experts and implement accordingly. It not only helps in fixing the problems but also is of great help in training new employees.

Examples of companies using AR remote assistance:

·         Achema:

Achema is a Dutch insurance company, this company is using Augmented Reality remote assistance to improve customer satisfaction by increasing the speed of the process. The company believes in entering the age of reality. It is one of the topmost companies using AR.

·         Samsung:

Downtime, poor customer service, reduces the productivity of the company. Samsung using Augmented Reality remote assistance allows field workers to connect with remote experts. Remote experts using this technology can closely visualize the situation on the ground and guides with solutions.

·         Vodafone: 

Vodafone, a consumer service provider company is taking advantage of AR remote assistance to accelerate digital transformation. This enhances the customer experience by offering a quicker and accurate solution. Agents were able can closely visualize customer’s space and easily fix issues. Vodafone has partnered with TechSee to implement this technology and the company says “with Vodafone’s innovation, many of the activities that previously required a technician dispatch could now be performed by the agents, acting as virtual technicians – effectively lowering the dispatch rate by as much as 26%. It led to a 68% improvement in customer satisfaction. Employees are empowered with integration.”

A quick recap:

Research says “the global market for enterprise AR applications is projected to be worth more than $14.2 billion by 2022”. It is expected field services to grow to $5.9 billion in revenues by 2024”.

The increasing use of AR applications in field services will accelerate the adoption of AR remote assistance. In the pandemic, when movements are restricted these solutions are a savior. It helps consumers as well as employees to get unstuck and resume their work by helping them walk through the solution. Usage of AR as well as its tools are increasing by leaps and bounds. Soon we will see most of the industries integrating this innovative technology.

Here, I have listed major industries taking advantage of Augmented Reality remote assistance.  I hope, you found the article helpful, would love to know your opinions.

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Why The Fusion Of Augmented Reality, NFT and Metaverse Is The Trend For 2023?

Download our free report today that shows you exactly how you could bring in the flavour of augmented reality into your business. Real use cases and exact step by step strategy that can be followed to make sure you don’t miss out this wave!


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