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Top 5 Coming NFT Games to Watch Out For

  • November 9, 2021
  • 8 min read
Top 5 Coming NFT Games to Watch Out For

Here, I’ll present to you the most exciting new games coming out that will change the face of upcoming NFT games literally. Why? Because they are impressively designed (mind that they’re currently being developed) however, they are able to challenge the biggest titles currently on the market. The greatest part is that when they’re fully operational you will be able to earn real-world income through these games. There’s no better way to introduce this subject than to get right into it and experience the games on your own. So let’s start!

1. Illuvium

Illuvium is a game in development that is regarded to be the very first AAA blockchain-based game and it is rightly so due to its mechanics as well as its graphics and overall design. It’s one of the most expected game genres that is open to the world and that is built upon Ethereum. Ethereum blockchain. Did I mention that it is also Play-to-Earn?


The game’s gameplay is very similar to Pokemon. You can take Illuvials as the monsters in the game as well as battle with other players or monsters. Instead of Pokeball Illuvium makes use of Shards. In lieu of a turn-based system, the upcoming nft games are played in the form of an auto-chess sequence. All you need to do is place your Alluvials on the battlefield’s board and then the game will begin.

So, if you’re experienced with Autochess and Teamfight Tactics, then you already have an advantage. Read the latest white paper for more details.

Main Features

  • It offers various revenue sources including aesthetics such as skins, to in-game purchases of items crafting, selling captured alluvials, and selling farm materials.
  • Bet on Battles – wager on the outcome.
  • The game is free to play however if you want to earn money from the game, you’ll have to put aside a small amount as of the last time I checked. was around, but it could remain in flux.

2. Sipher

Due to the dangers humanity faces by pollution, diminishing sources of energy, as well as other global disasters, scientists have created the concept of a new universe, called Siberia in which Sipherians moved into to help to build an entirely new universe. They will prosper as the new inhabitants.

If you’re one of the buyers of the first character on digital (or NFT character referred to as Sipherian) and you’re not a member of the first group, you’ll likely have to buy the character at a higher cost on certain marketplaces, or wait until the new Sipherians are made available.


There are three primary methods you can play However, the specific details are not yet revealed. The first is via The first is through. Your character can go to the far reaches of the globe where they undertake various tasks. In exchange for completing quests, you’ll receive things like costumes, minerals, costumes, and other similar items.

Main Features

  • There will be four races beginning with the Inu (dog) and then Neko (cat), Buru (bull) as well as Tori (bird), each named in honor of their respective Japanese terms.
  • Every Sipherian will come with their individual programmed emotions beginning with five and increasing later on.

3. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the games I am very excited about. As a space geek myself I can envision playing around with the universe via the lens of an upcoming not-game and even more important is that I have badges (for rank) and ships. You can also own land, however, for Star Atlas, these are more like space stations or platforms. stations.

There are many things to be learned at the moment, but one thing we know is that the game is extremely ambitious. It is designed to make money from the time that players are spending playing the game as well as fully own assets, among other similar things.


The gameplay, as per developers, and from what we have learned from blog posts and interviews they’ve released, begins with players taking journeys through the universe…or in the blockchain-based games, they call it the Metaverse. The Metaverse is where players can be battling for resources as well as fight, trade, and control in peace or dominance.

The precise method of how this works is unclear, but there is an importance placed on the economics of the upcoming nft game. The most important thing is that players can construct their own towns or operate their own economic system within this game and even convert the assets they have in-game into real cash.

Main Features

  • The Oni region is a grouping of species that are alien to the human race.
  • Ustur Sector A group of androids that are sentient.
  • The territory of MUD A group of human beings.

4. Guild of Guardians

If you’re familiar with trading cards fantasy RPGs such as Diablo as well as Path of Exile, then you’ll find Guild of Guardians to be an enjoyable game to play. In the game Guild of Guardians (GoG) you can construct your own heroes’ team so that you can fight dungeons and missions to collect items and resources. Additionally, you can use these resources to create things, “craft” heroes, and then sell or trade them for real cash.

Like I said the game is based on upcoming nft games of fantasy like Diablo, Dungeons and Dragons, and Path of Exile (I just used it to illustrate the concept since it’s currently in high demand, however, in reality, PoE is also a direct resemblance to Diablo).

The way in which it is played by a group consisting of “heroes”. The team is required to enter dark dungeons and fight off monsters such as orcs. Earn rewards for conquering dungeons, completing quests, or completing dung and also by getting treasure from the monsters.

4. Plants Vs Undead

Plants vs Undead is quite literally an inspiration from Plants vs Zombies, the game that was gaining popularity across the world a few years ago. Everybody played the game or heard about it at one point or another and, I have to admit that I too enjoyed it. Now, in a way, it’s reminiscent of Plants vs Zombies comes Plants vs Undead A blockchain-based game that’s also a Play-to-Earn game.


In the last fight, Seeds are the final chance for humanity to be saved. The game starts with six plants and a mother tree that are completely free. They are however only simple plants with basic stats. So in order to get more advanced on the field, upcoming nft games require to be able to acquire seeds, or plant with their PVU token and can be earned through the game or on the marketplace. In short, you should install anywhere from 6 to 8 plants Maxx on your board in order to safeguard your mother tree as the undead move forward.

If you are able to beat all undead rounds in the upcoming nft games, then you’ll receive rewards in the game that you can then use to trade on market markets.

Another aspect that is part of the gameplay is Farm Mode, which allows players to earn Light Energy, which can be traded with PVU tokens. It’s basically like earning coins on the side when you’re AFK.

Main Features

  • Mods for farming can bring the players the ability to earn Light Energy that is essential as it allows you to earn PVU tokens which could later be converted into real cash.
  • Each plant or seed has each of its own characteristics and elements and characteristics, so deciding on the best team will greatly impact the synergy of your game.
  • It’s built on the Blockchain Smart Chain of Finance which is much more affordable and faster in comparison to the other game on Ethereum (especially in relation to Ethereum gas costs).

FAQ Most Frequently Ask Question 

Are upcoming NFT games profitable?

The upcoming nft games is played by players using digital cards based upon Ethereum. Ethereum blockchain. Players can earn money and Ether crypto by forming teams using football player cards and taking part in tournaments. When they win races, players can make huge profits by trading their NFTs into crypto.

What is the size of this NFT market?

For the year 2000, the world NFT market recorded around $338 million in transactions. The world market for collectibles that includes trading cards in physical form toys, games, automobiles, and much more – is a market worth $370 billion.

Is NFT still popular?

NFTs are expected to explode in popularity by 2021 and will reach an astounding $2.5 billion of sales during the first half of 2021. But, the sector is still very much early in the process of adoption and has yet to be accepted by the general public.

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