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Augmented Reality Gaming With Lasers

  • October 23, 2020
  • 2 min read
Augmented Reality Gaming With Lasers

Most mobile augmented reality games require you to stand in the middle of the room and use the camera on your mobile device to scan for hidden enemies. You know the type; kill the invading aliens, ghosts, bubbles, insets, etc. Regardless of the motives of the enemy the premise is always the same, scan around in 360 degrees and click the invader to destroy it. If you’re like me then you’ll like to sit down when you play, so while the frantic nature of AR gaming is fun for a bit, it’s not really a relaxing experience.

Laser Virtual Reality Product 

Laser VR is an interesting concept that fuses a few technologies together to create a new AR gaming genre while maintaining the essential couch potatoes aspect of gaming. It’s probably not something you’ll be playing at home unless you have a video projector laying around, but it is an interesting concept that will have you thinking about high jacking the projector during Monday mornings team meeting.

To use Laser VR, which is available for iOS devices ($7.99) you’ll need the following:

  1. An iOS device
  2. A laser pointer
  3. Video projector with an iOS device connection
  4. A trio pod to mount the device  (for stability)

If you are lucky enough to own all of the above, the projector will beam balloons onto a wall which you can use the laser pointer to shoot. Check out the video below.

Laser VR In Action

You can learn more about the project here:

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