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Top 10 Augmented Reality Games | Future Of Gaming

  • April 7, 2021
  • 5 min read
Top 10 Augmented Reality Games | Future Of Gaming

Having just finished another Xbox 360 game I’m thinking about my next augmented reality-based game purchase. Augmented Reality has the potential to revolutionize gaming so today we’ll look at the top 10 list of augmented reality games that I really want to play.

The caveat is none of these games are available, some of these are still concepts, some are in beta, and others… well have disappeared. So think of this list as my top 10 wish-list. An augmented reality version in 3D with bridges and buildings would be cool.

Something is needed to make you want to change the angle and look around the map. Otherwise like you say it’s boring. An augmented reality version in 3D with bridges and buildings would be cool. Something is needed to make you want to change the angle and look around the map. Otherwise like you say it’s boring.

Top 10 in reverse order :

1: Pacman

Yes, it’s retro but it makes the list because everyone who grew up in the 80s loves Pacman. That augmented Pacman looks pretty cool! I remember the old, boring arcade version, so anything that would overhaul to bring new life to this old classic is pretty cool.

2: Skreek Station

I have no idea what this game is about, it looks interesting but more importantly, it looks like one of those games that could change the board game genre.

3: Memory

Simple games are the best and can be simpler than a game of memory.

4: Marbles

Another nice simple game, get the marble to the exit.

5: Roku’s Reward

I’m not sure if this one was ever designed to be a real game or just a promotion video from HP. It’s definitely games that look exciting and the show’s some amazing possibilities for augmented reality gaming.

WifiArmy is another company trying to create games that span LBS, augmented reality, and mobile but their website hasn’t been updated for almost a year. Solutions that offer this level of real-world interaction would seem to be some way off but it will be interesting to see how Layar’s new 3D platform develops.

If you are looking for a bit of augmented reality fun this morning with a healthy mix of gesture recognition thrown in for good measure. Take a look at the latest augmented reality games from Zugara.

6: Nesquik factory

Zugara you may remember is the person responsible for the Fashionista application that enabled users to try on a range of virtual clothing in the comfort of their own homes.

The games developed for Nesquik uses augmented reality technology and puts you at the heart of the Nesquik factory with the responsibility of ensuring the bottles get filled with the correct flavor. Just tap the virtual filling machine to ensure the correct flavor is delivered to the bottle as it passes.

If you haven’t tried any augmented reality or gesture recognition games before, take a look. The game is flash-based and you just need a camera to play.

7: Talking Dog AR

This type of educational tool is very exciting. We tried a simplified web-based version of this idea back in 2009. Lots of potentials for this and we are very excited to see projects like this in popular use.

8: Holoplanets AR demo

HIT Lab NZ, one of my favorite innovating augmented reality companies has just posted a new video to showcase their Holoplanets interactive science exhibit that teaches users about the planets in the solar system.

With the demo, each planet is identified by its own unique marker which when presented to the webcam displays information about the planet.

9: Tron Augmented Reality

Expresso Design a digital creation agency based in Italy has put together the ultimate experience to enable everyone with a web camera to experience a high-speed light cycle battle.

The campaign is of course based around the Disney blockbuster Tron Legacy. The demo features a rather snazzy augmented reality aspect that lets you experience scenes from the movie.

As usual, printing a marker and holding it up to the webcam will result in an engaging AR experience. Unusually however the Tron campaign supports multiple markers.

Holding an individual light cycle marker up to the webcam will enable you to view a light cycle in 3D while the rider patiently waits for action. Put the counterpart marker next to it however and both riders jump on their light cycles and race.

The augmented reality has been developed on the Total Immersion platform and has been implemented very well indeed. Give it a go, it’s definitely one of those demos you are going to be showing around the office today.

10: AR Tron

It’s in Italian but easy enough to figure out. Look for Realta Aumentata and then Scopri la Realta aumentata the rest is obvious. To save yourself some time, you can print the marker from here. Just hold it up to your webcam.

Great augmented reality demos and lessons in Italian, what more do you need from a blog?

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