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Augmented Reality Books For Ipad

  • October 27, 2019
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Augmented Reality Books For Ipad

Augmented reality has gone beyond something for just placing funny filters on Snapchat or chasing Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It has become a useful technology which has found application in various fields and industries, including education.

When it comes to education, apart from its use in classrooms and for training, we also have augmented reality books, which are fast becoming popular as more people seek to explore the technology.

Since augmented reality requires electronic devices to deploy experiences to users, various brands are creating specialized AR devices, like AR glasses, for it. However, AR experiences can also be enjoyed via some smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

To make augmented reality easily available to its customers, Apple introduced the ARKit in 2017, which came with iOS 11. ARKit is its augmented reality platform for iOS devices. It allows developers to easily create AR experiences for iOS devices, and that has since meant more augmented reality applications for iOS.

Now in its third version, ARKit is available for iPhones and iPads running on iOS 11 or later. That means if you have an iPad that runs on iOS 11 or later versions, you can enjoy AR applications, including AR books.

If you’re ready to explore the interesting world of augmented reality books with your iPad (either for you or for your kids), here are some that you should check out.

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Daring Dinos: An Augmented Reality Popup Book

Daring Dinos

This AR book brings dinosaurs to life in a breathtaking way with 3D animations that make it all so real. You will need to download and install the accompanying AR app, Holo Popups app, in order to enjoy the experience.

When you scan the image of a dinosaur on a page, the dinosaur literally leaps out of the page, and your child can learn more about the creature. The book works on iPads and is a great way to teach your child about dinosaurs as well as to encourage them to read. They will learn through interesting visual content, with thrilling voiceovers and sound effects to give them a rich experience. The voiceover reads the material out to them, but you can turn it off and do that by yourself.

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Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written by Nature (Morgan James Kids) 

Pachas Pajamas

This AR contains videos and animations that both educate and entertain kids. These videos feature voices and songs of many celebrities, all of which can be experienced via the augmented reality app built for the book, Pacha Alive. The story told in the book encourages the reader to take care of nature.

The book also comes with a Dream Journal for children to record dreams and contains lyrics to many award-winning songs.

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Tide Pools: An Augmented Reality Book

Tide Pools

Let your kids explore the aquatic world through this augmented reality book. This book takes them on a journey virtually into tide pools and exposes them to tide pool creatures. As with other AR books, you need an app to bring the images to life. For this book, you need to get the FarSight XR app. With this app, you can view the 3D models and watch the videos as you scan each page of the book.

Without being close to the shore, anyone can experience what it feels like through this book, with actual ocean sounds that make the experience real.

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ARBI and the fire breathing Dragon

Zarbi and the fire

This book, authored by Iker Burguera, is an augmented reality book that tells an interesting story that will teach your kids some values, like teamwork, value of family and friendship, perseverance, respect for others, forgiveness, and love.

The story is about a brave knight, ARBI, who is asked by his village to save them from a dragon threatening their lives. ARBI needs the help of his friends: SMARLOW the tortoise, AGICK the cat and SMELLIT the dog. They must all work together to defeat the dragon.

Bugs: Interact with Augmented Reality Creepy Crawlies (iExplore)


With this book, you can watch a Goliath bird-eating tarantula crawl across your table, a Giant Wetapunga Cricket jump on your friend’s hand, or the world’s biggest butterfly flutter around your bedroom.

This is also a great way to teach your kids about the various insects featured in the book, as it contains all the facts about them, including their size, habitat, anatomy, diet, and other extraordinary features.

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