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  • augmented reality stocks

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    5 Best Augmented Reality Stocks To Buy in 2021

    There is an expanding proliferation of best-augmented reality stocks across the world. Many technology firms believe that AR, which digitally improves real-world environments, is the next large computing platform. The significance of AR has already been understood by many organizations in the COVID-19-hit world, which has developed a niche for digital working and finding atmospheres. […]

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    which industries are taking advantage of AR remote assistance

    Which industries are taking advantage of AR remote assistance? AR remote assistance could be the next big thing businesses are looking forward to embracing. You must have heard about Augmented Reality or might have used it unless you aren’t in hibernation. This powerful technology is always up with amazing solutions for businesses as well as […]

  • tagwhat


    Tagwhat Augmented Reality Social Networking

    Tagwhat is the latest mobile augmented reality browser to hit the iPhone and the Android. We take a ‘first look’ at the demo application available in the app store. Tagwhat differentiates itself from other augmented reality applications by positioning itself as an augmented reality social networking application rather than as yet another augmented reality browser providing visual search. […]

  • Augmented Reality in Defense


     Augmented Reality in defense: Role and affect

     What is the role of Augmented Reality in defense? The word Augmented Reality is buzzing around for years. This advanced technology though is in the tech industry for decades now, but we got familiar with it four years back with the highly popular game Pokémon Go. Have you used Snapchat? Well, those amazing filters are […]

  • AR in oil and gas industry


    Augmented reality in oil and gas industry

    How Augmented Reality is solving core challenges in oil and gas industry? Augmented Reality is expanding its reach and has marked its entry in major industries. The technology has immense potential to solve ongoing challenges in industries. Augmented Reality undoubtedly is doing wonders when it comes to education, healthcare, gaming, automotive, constructions, and many more. […]

  • AR in healthcare


    Top 5 companies using Augmented Reality in Healthcare

    Augmented Reality has successfully invaded the tech marketplace. Read on to get an insight into augmented reality in healthcare.  We are living in a tech-driven era. Technology is said to be more accurate with less error and hence is preferred by most industries. It has stepped-in almost all industries such as automotive, catering, oil and […]

  • microsoft tags


    Microsoft Tags – 2D Mobile Tagging Barcodes

    I have been meaning to write about Microsoft Tags for a while and since yesterday I was on a rant about QR Codes, now is as a good a time as ever. Microsoft Tags and QR Codes are like peas in a pod. Both offer you dynamic links so you can update where the code […]

  • legal

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    Legal Aspects of Augmented Reality Development

    Very few developers I meet know anything about marketing their applications to generate sales or raise overall awareness, even less know anything about the legal aspects of software development. To find out if there are any special considerations that relate to the development of augmented reality applications, we contacted Pillsbury Law to get an insight […]

  • ar drone


    Augmented Reality (AR) Drone Hits Android

    There is no doubt about it, the AR Drone looks like a seriously fun piece of kit. Unfortunately, however, it been an iPhone/iPad exclusive since launch until now that is. Android owners dust off your wallet and break out the credit card because the AR Drone is now available for you too! The AR Drone […]

  • augmented reality gaming

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    Augmented Reality Games, A Fad Too Far?

    Nothing better than relaxing by switching on the TV games, killing a few aliens or shooting a few bad guys from the comfort of the living room chair. I even partake in the odd iPhone game from time to time as I enjoy a spot of casual gaming.  However, is it just me or are […]

  • augmented reality sport


    Augmented Reality Player And The Future Of Sport

    Augmented Reality Player: Some several months back I blogged about an augmented reality solution called Seer that was implemented at Wimbledon. The solution was ingenious, use your Android device to find out how long the bathroom or food lines are as well as get relevant information on the games in play. Scores, statistics that type […]

  • AR dating app


    Augmented Reality Dating For The iPhone

    As part of my talk, I was giving an overview of the opportunities and how companies can include augmented reality functionality in their existing solutions. One of the examples I gave was around online dating. Specifically, if you are single, wouldn’t it be great to be able to see who around you right now is […]