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Get acquainted with Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 AR smart glass

  • January 15, 2021
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Get acquainted with Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 AR smart glass

Get acquainted with Lenovo’s AR smart glass that projects your Windows desktop screen in midair

AR smart glass is gradually becoming the mainstream AR tool. Augmented Reality has revolutionized the way we see the world. The world is shifting towards digitalization. Increasing inclination towards digitalization has raised the bar of user experience. Now and then we see the new updates in the Augmented Reality technology. Demand for Augmented Reality smartglasses has exponentially increased. Tech giants are working on Augmented Reality glasses and investing in AR tools.

The participative member of the AR family is Lenovo. Since late 2017 company has launched multiple AR and VR tools. A few years ago, Lenovo has launched its new smartphone PHAB2 that leverage the benefit of Google Augmented Reality. You can get a complete insight into PHAB2 and integration with Google Augmented Reality in this article.

Lenovo has introduced AR smart glass that enables you to see your presentation and spreadsheet in the midair. Augmented Reality smart glasses were launched by Google a few years back but due to privacy reasons, the project failed. After that Google again started with the smart glasses project but the innovation is so far limited to corporates.

AR smart glass
AR smart glass (source)

Lenovo has been experimenting with a couple of things and it has launched its AR Smart glass. Augmented Reality smart glass is currently one of the most widely accepted Augmented Reality devices. You can know more about Augmented Reality devices here. If you are curious to find out what is AR smart glass you can click here.

 Chinese company Lenovo has introduced its ThinkReality A3 augmented reality smart glasses ahead of CES 2021. Top tech giants have like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft have tried their hands on this innovative technology. Apple is yet to launch and we are eagerly waiting. Though, innovation is only for industrial usage. Lenovo has launched the ThinkReality A6 headset in 2018 and the Lenovo’s smart glass booked for mid-2021 is the successor of it.

Insight into Think Reality A3:


We can expect Think Reality A3 in the market in mid-2021. The glass looks like cool sunglasses. Lenovo has already launched Headset, this Lenovo smart glasses resembles a lot to the headset. This Augmented Reality smartglasses will come in two varieties ‘ PC Edition’ and ‘Industrial Edition’.

(i)               ThinkReality A3 PC Edition: ThinkReality A3 PC Edition launched by Lenovo allows users to align multiple large monitors in the field of view.  You can use applications and windows software tools to run ThinkReality A3 PC Edition.

(ii)             ThinkReality A3 Industrial Edition: ThinkReality A3 Industrial edition enables to integrate with Motorola smartphone. It allows users to see the content hanging in the air. This edition supports hands-free Augmented Reality tasks. This edition offers multiple usages varying from remote assistance, retail, factories, and many more. The industrial edition will run on those Motorola smartphones that are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series or better.

ThinkReality A3 (source)

The look is a lot familiar to Nreal Light which is in a bird bath-style. The bird-bath style is embedded with affordable spherical mirrors. The company boasts its Think Reality A3 as the most advanced and versatile enterprise pair of smartglasses.


ThinkReality A3 AR smart glass will work with PC and selected Motorola smartphones. Both devices are connected through a USB Type-C cable. Lenovo says this AR smart glass has the ability to show approx. five virtual displays. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 that drives stereoscopic 1080p displays.

ThinkReality A3 AR smart glass is embedded with a single 8MegaPixel RGB camera and a dual fisheye camera that offers 1080p video and room-scale tracking respectively. Lenovo says “Its virtual displays are optimized and compatible with Lenovo’s leading ThinkPad laptops and mobile workstations powered by Intel and AMD Ryzen processors.

Usage of Think Reality A3 AR smart glass:

This AR smart glass is designed for multiple usages such as Virtual monitoring, viewing 3D objects, Augmented Reality assisted workflow, and immersive remote training.

Though the company has assured it will be available in the market from mid-2021 but the price is not confirmed yet. But to be updated with the news you can select the notify me icon on the website.

How will ThinkReality A3 AR smart glass impact businesses and customers?

Lenovo has introduced this AR smart glass to make digital transformation more impactful. The company aims to make the smart digital solution available to more people. It is high time when businesses are looking forward to adopting new technologies and make smart decisions. ThinkReality A3 will help businesses to reshape workflow. Jon Pershke, Lenovo Vice President of strategy and emerging business, intelligent Device Group says “whether working in virtual assistance or supporting remote assistance, the Think Reality A3 enhances workers’ abilities to do more wherever they are”. The official site says:

·         Transform your company vision: ThinkReality A3 ensures a boost in productivity of the company using this wearable device. The device is highly comfortable and ultraportable. You can create a new environment using ThinkReality A3.

·         Use wherever you work: It facilitates you from working in your office to helping you convert your Kitchen table into a workspace. The virtual monitoring will be with you wherever you want to go.

·         Enhance the work process: ThinkReality A3 aims to boost the productivity of users by offering an immersive experience. It accelerated efficiency and minimizes error.

Upcoming launches of AR smart glass in 2021:

·         Apple: If rumors are to be believed, Apple will launch its AR smart glass anytime in the next 12 months.

·         Facebook: We can expect Ray-Ban-Facebook Augmented Reality smartglasses in 2021. In 2020 Marks Zuckerberg has said “we do not have a product yet to share with you today but I am excited to share that we have formed a multi-layer partnership starting with building and releasing our first pair of smartglasses next year

But, we need to wait for AR smart glass that will be available for the masses. So far, enterprises are unleashing the potential of AR smart glasses.




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