Augmented Reality remote assistance – the new reality!

  • January 6, 2021
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Augmented Reality remote assistance – the new reality!

Augmented Reality remote assistance- the new reality!

In the time of pandemic when movement is restricted, Augmented Reality in remote assistance is a savior. Rachel’s internet is not working properly. She contacts the service provider. The service provider asks her to explain the issue. She is not exactly aware of the parts and put a lot of effort into explaining the problem. Eventually, the service provider identifies the problem. Now, when the service provider is suggesting the solution verbally, she is not able to exactly follow the steps. In such cases, sometimes the problem gets fixed most of the time it remains unresolved. Now, you have only one option left that is to wait for the service provider to reach home ultimately leading to frustration and uncertainty.  This is an old reality!

Let me explain to you the new reality! Suppose Rachel and the service provider used Augmented Reality. What Augmented Reality remote assistance does is offer live video streaming, here the computer-generated image would help the service provider to quickly identify problems and offer a real-time solution. The virtual guidance appears as real-time assistance making the entire process easier, effective, and saves time. Now, with the help of Augmented Reality in remote assistance, instead of verbally explaining Rachel, the service provider can show her exactly what to do. Technology keeps changing now and then. Innovations make life simpler and easier. We have seen robust changes in the workflow of businesses since Augmented Reality stepped in.  Most of the changes from enhancing experience, providing real-like training to offering cost-effective solutions are highly desirable and much needed. Augmented Reality has revamped the way industries used to work.

Having an overcrowded office or waiting for experts to come and fix the issue has now become an old reality, the new reality is Augmented Reality Remote assistance. Gone are the days of bearing heavy losses, due to insufficient assistance from experts. Augmented Reality Remote assistance is extremely beneficial for manufacturing companies and enterprises. It has converted service challenges into opportunities. Well, before going into much detail, first thing first, let’s start with an introduction:

What is Augmented Reality Remote Assistance?

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance refers to virtual monitoring and collaborating with field technicians and customers. It works as a virtual bridge between customers or field technicians and experts. Experts offer real-loke guidance virtually by closely monitoring the issue with the help of Augmented Reality technology.

Usage of Augmented Reality Remote Assistance:

Augmented Reality remote assistance

Augmented Reality remote assistance offers varied ranges of solutions for different industries. Here, let us have a glance at the usage of Augmented Reality remote assistance:

·         Virtual step-by-step guidance:

As we saw in the case of Rachel where a consumer needed the support of the service provider to fix the issue. Virtual step-by-step support is always more efficient than verbal support, irrespective of industries. Sometimes while manufacturing a product, the machine stops working. If the expert is not around, to minimize the have loss, virtual Augmented Reality influenced guidance is the best possible way. How are you going to explain the problem verbally when you yourself don’t know why your machine stopped working. Augmented Reality remote assistance offers better and quick inspection and fault detection. 

·         Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance and repair are part and partial of the manufacturing business. Despite having the best-optimized machines, it can fail at the eleventh hour. To reduce heavy losses, you need to provide an instant solution to fix the machines. Augmented Reality remote assistance helps workers to instantly connect to experts and get a visual solution.

·         Boost workforce productivity:

Every minute of downtime, when the machine stops working leads to heavy loss and drastically decreases productivity. Manufacturers have machines with the best efficiency to boost the quality and quantity of output. In such scenarios when a machine fails to work, your worker has to wait till the technical experts arrive and fix it. On the frontline, you are facing loss and on the bottom line, you have to pay extra. Augmented Reality remote assistance offers a virtual tool to cut this problem. An expert can virtually guide your workers just in real-time to help them fix the issue and resume work. The AR remote assistance solution helps companies to keep working without impacting the value chain.

·         Support anytime and anywhere:

Augmented Reality remote assistance is a technology-based solution that eliminated geographical limitations. You do not have to wait for experts to arrive at your location, experts can give you real-time assistance anytime and from anywhere.

·         Faster data and guidance access in field services:


Many times your worker can face issues while working in the field. In such scenarios Augmented Reality remote assistance allows employees as well as clients to get quick access to data. The apt guidance is extremely important when your work is stuck in between and it might ultimately block the whole process leading to severe loss. Field service providers with the help of quick and proper guidance can quickly resume the work efficiently.

·         Efficient training:

companies with efficient senior employees who are about to retire and lots of newer employees who lack specialization might have to face chunks of issues to get back to the same level of productivity. Efficient training is of utmost importance, senior employees in the comfort of their home can provide real-like training to newer employees with the help of Augmented Reality remote assistance. This shift from the old reality of conventional training to a newer reality hugely impacts the productivity of the business.

Augmented Reality remote assistance – see what I see!

Augmented Reality remote assistance basically works on the principle of seeing what I see. The technology has proposed ample ways to offer an instant solution and minimize the loss caused due to machine failure. In this pandemic, when movement is limited companies are quick to embrace this dynamic technology. AR remote assistance takes you over the limitation of boundaries which means companies can get solutions from experts placed anywhere around the globe.



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