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Top 6 Web AR examples in 2021

  • December 28, 2020
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Top 6 Web AR examples in 2021

Top 6 web AR examples in 2021

In this article, we will see web AR examples. Web AR abbreviated for Web Augmented Reality is going to be in the mainstream in the next 12 months. Augmented Reality has revolutionized marketing, gaming, education, and more. Well, many times we were looking forward to integrating Augmented Reality in our marketing campaigns but due to app development time and other constraints, we held back. Were you also on the same boat? My friend, now we have easier and more effective solutions available. First thing first, let us start with an introduction:

What is Web AR?

Web AR allows users to get an augmented experience on a browser. You can access the AR experience through a browser without downloading the app. If you want to get a deep insight into what is web ar, the benefits of web ar, why is it useful, and more you can check here.

Your potential customers might not be interested in downloading an app for a single AR experience but would love to get an AR experience with just a click on the browser. Well, that’s’ what Web AR do! If you are thinking how will web AR look? Well, here I have mentioned top web AR examples to help you get a better insight.

Top web AR examples:

Augmented reality websites are taking the internet by storm. It has brought a remarkable change in the AR marketing campaigns. Let us have a glance at the top web AR examples:

1.     Toyota:

Web AR examplesToyota has used this innovative technology to bring the car showroom mobile. With just a click on the URL, you can get an augmented experience of the Toyota cars. The feature was introduced with the launch of the Toyota Corolla Sedan. Now, the customer can minutely examine the features at the comfort of their couch. Once the link is clicked the car appears in your surrounding. Users can explore the features with a 360-degree experience. You can use the technology to tap and turn the headlight on as well as to open the moonroof. CEO of 8th wall, Erik Murphy-Chutorian says “The web-based AR experience that conill created for the Toyota Corolla sedan using 8th Wall Technology is an example of an interactive, immersive advertisement that can be experienced with the mobile browser, allowing the customer to virtually bring the product into their own environment. This not only provides important context and visualization for technical features to the user, but it helps to qualify customers before they arrive at the dealership”.   You can try it here.                                                                                                Image (source)

2.     Purina:


It is one of the most informative web AR examples. Purina started a 28 Day Challenge. The challenge will change your pet’s health in 28 days. The company used web AR to make people effectively know about the challenge. It used AR to educate potential customers effectively about how the product will benefit. Click on the link and you can see a pet in your environment. You can watch pets having fun and getting stronger in the room. It is an interactive and immersive approach to let users know about the product. Click here to experience it.

3.     TIME:

The very famous TIME magazine introduced its mobile Web AR websites. Along with the web AR, the Time magazine also launched its VR/AR app. The browser-based augmented reality experience allows you to bring the astronaut into your environment. The new stories will be more engaging and interactive by allowing readers access to an augmented experience through browsers. Technology has helped to introduce journalism in a new way. The magazine used web AR to show the user a teaser for Landing on the moon. Mia Tramz quotesTime has always been at the forefront of visual storytelling. With the launch of this app and our first Web AR experience, we are putting a stake in the ground with AR and establishing the level of immersive journalism that TIME will continue to bring readers”.

4.     Red Bull:

Red Bull has smartly used Augmented Reality technology to makes its campaign more effective and efficient. The company partnered with …and dos Santos, powered by 8th wall technology is integrating Web AR to expand its “win with Ninja” campaign. With the help of web AR, Ninja will pop up in your room and you can take pictures with the pro player. Erik Murphy says, “Red Bull’s web-based Ninja AR lens, produced by agency…and dos Santos and powered by 8th wall, allows fans to summon an interactive avatar of the gaming star into their own environment, without needing to download an app. The experience is not only instantly accessible to anyone with a smartphone, but it is easily sharable as well.”

5.     Coco-cola:


Coco-cola is the first company to offer a Web AR experience in South Africa. When you click the link you can see yourself in coke props on your head, coke cap, or coke bottles around you. Coco-cola collaborated with Zappar and SkyDigital to offer an immersive experience to users. Nicky Pillay, Senior Digital Transformation Manager Southern, and East Africa at the Coco-cola company says “All consumers need to do is scan the QR code on our cans to launch the AR experience via their web browser, rather than downloading an app. This both removes friction but also extends the potential audience that can access the content”. 

6.     Jaguar:

Jaguar Land Rover collaborated with Blippar to offer an augmented reality to customers. Customers can virtually sit in the driver’s seat of the car at the comfort of their couch and have an immersive experience. You do not need to download the app, you can have a 360-degree experience just by clicking the link. Web AR technology aims to target new audiences and generate more engagement.  you can check here.

Wrapping up:

Here, I have listed the names of top 6  companies that have established cool Web AR examples and have shown remarkable uses of Web AR.  Web AR is being used for varied ranges such as engage customers, target new audiences, provide an interactive explanation of the product, creating brand awareness, and much more. Have an immersive experience of web AR examples with just a click at the comfort of your couch.

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Why The Fusion Of Augmented Reality, NFT and Metaverse Is The Trend For 2023?

Download our free report today that shows you exactly how you could bring in the flavour of augmented reality into your business. Real use cases and exact step by step strategy that can be followed to make sure you don’t miss out this wave!


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