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How To Use Augmented Reality Business Cards?

  • March 24, 2020
  • 5 min read
How To Use Augmented Reality Business Cards?


An augmented reality business card is a perfect solution for this problem, not simply because of its effect, but also because of its utility and advantage.  Having an AR company card, then you can stand out from other people and also make it simple for the person to find out more about you. All they should do is point their phone.

Your AR company card acts as an ad for yourself, bringing people additional information about you, which you could fit on a normal business card.  This can vary from videos about your business and enjoyable 3D versions to links to your social media and website and call-to-actions. Inaugment Provides user intent to improve the Visibility and intent about augmented reality.


There are lots of reasons why you may sometimes struggle to stand out from the game that is networking.  When an individual is handed tens of thousands of cards, it is very difficult to recall who was who, what they did and the way the connection could benefit them if at all.  Looking a person up can help ignite their memory, but it’s a procedure. 


To learn how an AR company card functions, it is important to understand what AR is. Marker-based AR uses image recognition to find visual”markers” in the actual world. This enables devices to anchor AR content to some fixed place in connection with the marker.  Basically, by visually tracking where a marker is through your phone’s camera, then it” remembers” where AR content has been set in relation to it. This is how an AR business card works. The company card functions that the consumer registers using their phone to get its content hovering about. This content appears over or around the card and it can be interacted with by also the user. 


The content you choose to include in your AR company card will depend on your particular circumstances and the kind of work you do.  For example, a freelance designer may be more concerned with building a model that wows people, whereas someone at a more traditional function might consider a functional approach. In our experience, the types of articles are: 


What is the point of including your contact information, when it is already available on the physical company card?  The answer is straightforward; by adding it in the AR experience you’ll be able to make it easier for them to tap on your email, website or phone number to contact you directly from their phone. There is one notable exception: hyperlinks aren’t currently supported by Facebook effects, so users will probably be able to view your information. 


If you’d like the man to quickly recall who the card belongs to, then what better way?  Alternatively, you may include pictures of some of your job, or of anything else that you think is applicable. 


These can be icons linking to your Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, for instance. By simply tapping the icons, users can easily find you and connect with you on those platforms.  Again, links don’t use Facebook, which does support them.


Videos are excellent ways to give people a fast overview of everything you do and how you can help them.  Being able to have users watch it straight is a way to familiarise them. 


If you are feeling creative, a 3D version is a way to impress people and actually stand out.  This might be a static one or an animated 3D model.

Here’s an example of our AR business card, which comprises a 3D version:

The Poplar AR business card ultimately, we really encourage customers to be more creative when considering what content to include.  A great approach is to think of what types of things that you could showcase to provide them a show not tell insight into your job, from animations to product postings.

 3 Usages of Augmented Reality Business Card:

From the fast-moving and competitive world of business, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd sometimes.  A creative and unique business card will help distinguish you from other people, and one attempt to accomplish that is through reality. Having said that, a business card is no longer just a piece of paper but instead a pocket-size resume that permits you to provide more information than ever before. 

Here are 3 ways you can build your augmented reality business cards with Augment: 

1.  For products: 

By simply scanning your business card with any iOS or Android apparatus, your 3D product version will appear. You can alter the 3D version connected with the particular 2D tracker (i.e. the picture you show as the business card) anytime on Augment Manager if today that you wish to present another product version to your clientele. 

2.  For product catalog:

Your optimized company card can also link together with your product catalog, so if you wish to show your clients the product line, Augment is the friend.  

3.  For you personally:

And of course, the majority of the time your business card reflects YOU. It is a unique and powerful tool to allow people to remember you.

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