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Augmented Reality in sports in 2020

  • October 27, 2020
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Augmented Reality in sports in 2020

   All the way Augmented Reality is shaping sports in the new normal

In this article, we will be eyeing on Augmented Reality in sports in the new normal. It has been just four years since the game Pokémon GO was all in news everywhere. Augmented Reality has been a buzzing word since then. AR has smartly penetrated industries like Education, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, manufacturing, and so on. In such a short span AR has entered sports industries as well and is shaping sports in the New Normal. This cutting-edge innovation has the potential to hugely impact the industry.  AR has stepped-in in most sports like archery, baseball, cricket, basketball, football, hockey, and so on.

Many stadiums are incorporating Augmented Reality to give a rich experience to users. But, the scope and use case of Augmented Reality is limitless. Many aspects have been explored, some are yet to be explored.  AR uses have proven to build new opportunities for sales and marketing. Let us have a look at how AR is shaping sports:

  •         At-home experience:  Technology makes the complex process simpler, reduces the workload as well as enriches the experience. Augmented Reality is enhancing the ways fans have been enjoying sports. It helps spectators to get a better hold of the game. Sports channel uses 3D computer-generated graphics to make at-home experience enticing. Have you ever watched the game alone in your home? Did you miss the ambiance and zeal of the crowd? Well, if yes then AR tools are the best solution for you. It helps to drive fresh breath in audiences. For example, if you are a baseball fan then you can install the MLB Ballparks app or MLB Bat APP. It is an AR app, in which you have to just project your handheld device towards the field and you will be able to view statistics. It is available for Apple as well as Android users. The application allows the fan to be their own sports analyst. Panasonic has developed a dynamic solution for cricket lovers who cannot go to the field.
  •         in-stadium experience: If you are a regular viewer of live cricket matches, you must have observed the virtual lines being shown to point out the trajectory of balls. Have you ever thought about how can a virtual line be shown in the field? Well, it is all due to Augmented Reality. AR helps to superimpose computer-generated graphics in a real environment and overall gives a virtually real feel to the viewer. AR plays a significant role in making the broadcasting intriguing, interesting, and entertaining. It keeps the eye of the viewer stick to the screen.
  •         Decision making: Are you a fan of cricket? Well, then you must have seen many times the final decision whether a player is out or not is done via DRS. DRS abbreviated for the Decision Review system uses Augmented Reality technology to give the final decision especially in cases of LBW. It helps to trace the ball after the ball gets hit on the pad of the batsman. It almost makes the chances of error negligible.
  •         Fantasy sports: New with this term? Ok, let me explain, fantasy sports means building a virtual team wherein each virtual player represents the real player playing in the team. The score is decided as per the score of the actual player. Few prominent examples of fantasy sports are ESPN, Dream 11, ESPN, etc. Dream 11 and ESPN these days echoes a lot in ongoing Indian Premier League matches. All credits of fantasy sports go to startup “AR sport”.
  •         Real-time training: The team as well as the coach works day and night to ensure a win. This needs a lot of practice, new technologies like Augmented Reality are a big push to enhance practice. It helps athletes to look at the pros and cons minutely. AR is an effective tool that allows sports persons to look at each point and correct it wherever necessary. Sports industries use smart glasses to implement these features.
  •         Marketing: Augmented Reality plays a crucial role in marketing and increasing sales in most industries. Any sports even be it IPL or FIFA etc. is a great platform advertisement as well.  All concerned players get a thick amount for sponsoring brands, products, or services. The incorporation of Augmented Reality in sports makes the advertisement more intriguing and interesting. Here, visitors can use AR apps to hunt out more information about the related brand. AR offers personalized advertisements to spectators by collecting their information. It helps to increase fan engagement.  One of the recent examples is Windscape app. This app is used by hockey team Detroit Redwings to enrich the fan experience.

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How is AR playing a crucial role in the sports industry in the new normal?

IPL 2020 with Augmented Reality!

COVID-19 has brought the moving life to stillness. The world is locked up inside their homes. Slowly we are moving towards the unlocking phase. Yet, all are not sure enough to leave their home and go out as the virus is still prevailing. Unlike every year, this year the cricket stadium is empty with a very less number of spectators.

The unprecedented scenarios have reduced the zeal of live experience of the Indian Premier League 2020. But, with all bad news technology is playing a crucial role in uplifting fan’s experience. A few days back official media right holder of IPL, Star sports has integrated the next-gen immersive technology Augmented Reality to give a rich in-stadia experience. AR helps to provide a bold visual spectacle in the stadium. The larger-than-life graphics were imposed all around the stadium, inside as well as outside. It covered nearby landscapes and prominent landmarks.

Remark : 

Sanoj Gupta, head-sports, Star India, quoted “ Augmented Reality has been deployed heavily across the broadcast to create a sense of spectacle and atmosphere at the venues, taking away the attention from the empty stands. Larger than life player images are being used to build the hero persona for key players. During fan week, thousands of fan selfies will be used to create larger than life action images of key players in the same way that pixels from pictures”.

Wrapping up:

The jaw-dropping experience that viewers get is worth all efforts. AR is bringing dynamic changes in all aspects of sports. If you have new information, would love to hear from you.

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