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5 Augmented Reality Activities That Will Engage Your Kids

  • January 12, 2023
  • 6 min read
5 Augmented Reality Activities That Will Engage Your Kids

Augmented Reality Activities are the perfect way to keep your kids entertained and engaged. They provide an interactive, digital experience that allows children to explore the world around them in new and exciting ways. With so many amazing Augmented Reality Activities, it can take time to figure out where to start. This blog post will share five of our favorite Augmented Reality Activities that will engage and excite your kids. So let’s get started!

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is a popular augmented reality activity for kids that lets them explore the world and collect virtual dinosaurs. This game allows your children to create a personal collection of their favorite dinosaurs and customize their looks, just like in the movies. By playing the game, your children will learn about the various dinosaur species, where they lived, how they evolved, and other fun facts. With this augmented reality activity, your kids can also participate in exciting missions and battles to become the ultimate dinosaur expert. The stunning visuals and the interactive environment will keep your kids engaged for hours. 

Another augmented reality activity you might consider introducing to your kids is HoloLens Chess. Using Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, you can play a 3D version of chess with your opponent as though you were both on the same board. Using this augmented reality experience, you can test each other’s strategies while enjoying an immersive 3D visual experience. HoloLens Chess will challenge your children’s minds and allow them to learn important lessons such as problem-solving and strategizing.

National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Explorer is an Augmented Reality Activity to engage your kids in exciting educational adventures. It combines the best of National Geographic’s resources and content, giving your kids an incredible virtual experience as they explore the world. The app allows you to explore various places and cultures, from the rainforest to the Arctic Circle. You can also choose from various activities such as quizzes, mini-games, videos, and other hands-on experiences. Your kids will learn about different animal species, how to identify plants, and understand climate change while they explore Augmented Reality. This app is perfect for helping kids understand their environment and appreciate the world’s diversity.

Sky Safari

Sky Safari is an augmented reality activity that allows your kids to explore the night sky. With this activity, your kids can point their mobile devices at the sky and get a guided tour of the stars, constellations, and planets. The user interface is simple and intuitive, making it great for young children just learning astronomy. It also includes various fun games and activities, such as star gazing and planet hunting. Sky Safari can be used indoors and outdoors and will provide hours of educational fun for your kids. Plus, it will help them develop an appreciation for the wonders of the night sky. Augmented Reality Activities like Sky Safari will make learning about astronomy engaging and exciting for your kids.

Virtual Pet Care

Virtual Pet Care is one of the most popular Augmented Reality Activities for kids. With this activity, children can adopt and care for a virtual pet in the comfort of their own homes. Kids will have to feed, groom, and play with their pets, just like a natural pet! This is an enjoyable way to interact with animals and teaches kids how to care for a pet responsibly. Virtual Pet Care allows children to bond with their pets in ways that would otherwise be impossible. It’s a great way to keep them entertained while learning something valuable. Plus, they experience the joy of owning and caring for a pet without commitment.

Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions is an augmented reality activity that allows you to explore and interact with the world around you. The app provides access to various virtual field trips and interactive experiences. This app allows you to explore and learn about different places, like the Amazon rainforest, the Great Wall of China, or the Grand Canyon. The app also includes educational content about history, geography, and science, as well as virtual reality (VR) content from different sources. 

With Google Expeditions, kids can take their learning to the next level by exploring 3D models of structures, monuments, animals, and more. The app also lets you customize your experience by creating your virtual field trip and inviting your friends to join in. This makes Google Expeditions one of the most engaging Augmented Reality Activities available.

Most Frequently Ask Question

Q: What are Augmented Reality Activities?

A: Augmented Reality Activities utilize augmented reality technology to create an immersive user experience. Augmented reality allows users to interact with a virtual environment in a way that is both realistic and engaging. We can do this through interactive 3D models, videos, images, and voice-activated commands. Augmented Reality activities are great for kids because they can help improve their cognitive, social, and motor skills.

Q: What are some examples of Augmented Reality Activities?

A: Some examples of Augmented Reality Activities include Jurassic World Alive, National Geographic Explorer, Sky Safari, Virtual Pet Care, and Google Expeditions. These activities are designed to provide users with an interactive experience that encourages creativity and learning. For example, with Jurassic World Alive, kids can explore a virtual world filled with dinosaurs while learning about the science behind them. With National Geographic Explorer, users can explore the world through exciting interactive tours and activities. Sky Safari lets users observe and learn about stars, planets, and constellations in the night sky. Virtual Pet Care allows kids to take care of their virtual pets. And finally, Google Expeditions allows kids to take virtual field trips to locations worldwide. 

Q: What are the benefits of Augmented Reality Activities?

A: The benefits of Augmented Reality Activities are numerous. They can help engage children in learning in a more interactive way than traditional teaching methods. They can also improve problem-solving skills by challenging kids to think critically and creatively. Additionally, they encourage exploration and discovery by allowing kids to navigate a 3D environment with voice-activated commands. Finally, we can use them to reinforce educational topics and help kids entertainingly understand complex concepts.


Augmented reality activities are a great way to keep your kids engaged, entertained, and educated. With the advancements in technology, AR has become increasingly accessible to everyone. From apps that let your kids explore the prehistoric world to virtual pet care, there are plenty of activities to choose from to suit different interests. Ultimately, these activities offer a unique experience, creating memories that will last a lifetime. So why not introduce your kids to the exciting world of augmented reality activities?

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