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Microsoft HoloLens 2- tech specs, innovation, pricing and more.

  • February 7, 2021
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Microsoft HoloLens 2- tech specs, innovation, pricing and more.

Microsoft Hololens 2- tech specs, innovation, uses, pricing, and more.

Microsoft HoloLens 2
Microsoft is one of the pioneer tech companies that shows deep interest in Augmented Reality technology and allied tools. Microsoft had introduced Microsoft HoloLens a few years back and since then it has been used in multiple sectors. Recently we got the news of the first holographically navigated spine surgery in Balgrist. You can have a look at it here. The article says, how the HoloLens helped surgeons to assist throughout the surgery.

So far, HoloLens is not available for consumers so it is not in our reach but the industry employee says Microsoft HoloLens was heavy and uncomfortable to wear. And now, we have  HoloLens 2 – a new addition to the AR tool by Microsoft. In this article, we will have a detailed insight into this immersive and highly applicable tool.

Augmented Reality is no longer a  brand-new term that has hit the market recently but it is the most buzzing word. From, trying new filters to better training to better marketing to the amazing shopping experience and more, Augmented Reality has the ability to offer all. Top companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft are trying the best to mark their footprint. Microsoft HoloLens is one such glorious attempt by Microsoft. But first thing first, let us start with an introduction-

What is Microsoft HoloLens 2?

Microsoft Hololens 2 is an Augmented Reality Headset developed and manufactured by Microsoft. This tool is primarily a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality.  Microsoft HoloLens 2 initially launched in 2019 is a successor of Microsoft HoloLens which was launched in 2016. Microsoft Hololens 2 will celebrate its 2nd birthday this February.


Microsoft HoloLens 2 works on the principle of “see what I see”. This is the prime reason behind its immense use in the automotive industry and remote working. It is portable and you can take it wherever you go. The device efficiently follows your commands. The intact Azure cloud electronically stores data that you can access anywhere anytime using the headset. You can manipulate the content more conveniently using hand movement and command.

The company boasts HoloLens 2 is the most comfortable mixed reality device available, with industry-leading solutions that deliver an immersive experience – all enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of the cloud and AI services from Microsoft.”

Tech aspects of Microsoft HoloLens 2:

Tech specialties of HoloLens 2 make it altogether a new product with a better camera, storage, longer battery, smoother design, increased field of view, and much more. It has 4 visible light cameras that help in tracking the head. 2 IR cameras that are designed to track eyes. For audio and speech, it has 5 microphone array channels and built-in spatial sound. Augmented Reality specializes in tracking human movement. HoloLens 2 can function as per your command, track your hand movement, as well as is efficient in real-time eye tracking.

 New edition in Microsoft Hololens 2:

In the new edition, Microsoft allows you to go for a customized solution with the help of Microsoft Azure. This integration will open space for developing mixed reality solutions. Along with the Augmented Reality tool that you are already using, get acquainted with Vuforis, unity, etc. for in-built HoloLens 2 developers support. People always prefer lightweight device, and this device is much more comfortable to wear and lightweight than the earlier version.

Features of Microsoft HoloLens 2:

      ·         Immersive mixed reality experience:

Microsoft HoloLens 2 offers industry-leading solutions that ensure scalability. Microsoft has integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in it, to offer more secure and reliable security. Microsoft Azure is one of the top derivation leveraging cloud computing benefits.

      ·         Better Field of View:

HoloLens facilitate the immersive experience of objects that users can see through the headset. In the new addition, Microsoft has maximized the field of view to offer a better and wider user experience. You can observe intricate details on images after this new edition.

     ·         Very much portable:

The device is very handy and you do not need to worry about wires or any other additional components that would block your way.  It has in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, hence you just need to carry the device.

     ·         Can tolerate noisy environment:

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is designed in a way to work efficiently even in a noisy industrial environment. It is intact with a smart microphone that has the potential to detect voice and process it smoothly. The movement of the device gives you a feel of a lot like a natural object.

     ·        Microsoft HoloLens 2 is easy to wear:

Microsoft Hololens 2 is lightweight and easy to put on your head. You would feel comfortable and is convenient to work with.

How to integrate Microsoft HoloLens in business?

Microsoft Hololens 2 (source)

Integrating HoloLens in the workflow can be an arduous task, specifically if you want an industry-specific approach. Though, Microsoft offers multiple approaches to connect HoloLens, among them the simpler one is through cloud services. Here, most of the work is done electronically, so its setup using Microsoft Azure is simple and can be done without the help of any tech expert. The device got a huge order from the Aircraft and automotive industry and is shining in industries like construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and so on.

Have a glance at pricing :

The technology is so far available for businesses only. The solutions offered are of less usage for consumers but offer more business-centric usage. This might be the prime reason behind the limitation of technology to businesses only. Hololens 2 is priced at $3,500.

Wrapping up:

It is exciting to witness the growth graph of this emerging and immersive technology. Here is a link to different AR tools soaring in the market. You can know top AR glasses in 2021 here. Microsoft Hololens and Microsoft Hololens 2 have paved multiple opportunities for businesses to grow and ease workflow. It is great to see how the company has taken into count users’ feedback and incorporated it into the new edition.




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