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How Augmented Reality with Sensor Technology Is Changing the Agriculture Space in India

  • October 5, 2020
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How Augmented Reality with Sensor Technology Is Changing the Agriculture Space in India

Till date augmented reality has been one of the most cherished technological development happened in the gaming world. However, with each passing day augmented reality has pushed the boundaries to open doors of opportunities for developers in other fields as well. For instance, it has revolutionized the jewelry shopping trend in India. (Give a read our article “How MirrAR Revolutionized Jewellery Shopping in India with AR” to know more about it.) Big players of the field like Facebook and Snapchat have turned augmented reality a part of our daily life, without even us realizing it. Just to clarify your confusion, credit for the Snapchat filters, that you use, solely goes to augmented reality. But not it has grown out of its digital space and becoming something that is not only developed for entertainment purposes, but with the motive of livelihood.

In a recent press release, a team of researches from the national science agency of Australia has stated that they will be using augmented reality in the field of agriculture. They are also assuming that this might be the first of its kind.

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While speaking at Australia’s premium Science, Technology and Innovation event, Dr. Mingze Xi, postdoctoral fellow of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), stated that they are planning to use augmented reality-based devices with sensor technology to monitor the water quality of the prawn ponds. The water quality at the prawn ponds is fascinatingly interchanging. It can go from freshwater to alarming within a matter of time. At present laborers monitor the water quality. However, this is an extensively time taking procedure. Delays to receive the results are pretty usual. Due to the delay, it becomes very tough to keep track of data trends in real-time.

Dr. Mingze Xi stated that they are planning to bring in a state-of-the-art wearable handsfree device that will help the farmers to gather useful information about the water quality, including but not limited to the analytics of pH levels and dissolved oxygen level in the water. Being able to receive such important data in real-time will help the farmers make better decisions regarding animal health. Also, if needed, they can send out these data for expert’s opinions, all within due time.

Augmented reality in Indian agricultural space

Now, this was about the great innovation of Russia and how they have been able to overcome their barrier. Now let’s talk about how augmented reality can change the agricultural space in India.

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Well, we are no new to the fact that farmer’s suicide has become one of the major concerns of India. And the reason behind so many farmers deciding to kill themselves is the lack of cultivation of crops. And honestly, this is simply disheartening because India is partially known for its agriculture. And the proper implementation of augmented reality can change this scenario. Farmers will be able to collect data about the condition of the soil, its properties, information about harmful insects for the crops, favorable weather conditions, water supply requirements, and space requirement, all in real-time. Which as a result will help them to make a better and timely decision, which is very important in farming.

Use of augmented reality in farming

AR can easily inspect and identify the quality and fertility of the soil. Based on this data it can give suggestions about the number of nutrients needed for the crops to grow. The information will not only be helpful to determine the growth of the crop, but it will also give out suggestions that are best suited for fruitful growth of the crops and this is what is more valued.

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Useful information about weather conditions will help farmers to make better decisions and help them to save their crops or at least take necessary precautions against any natural calamity.

Information regarding any plant, starting from scratch, will be easy to acquire using the sensor technology device.

About the device

As I have been saying from the very beginning that the device will be handsfree so that the farmers can easily move around and managing their crops. It will be a Head-Mounted Device (HMD). Almost like a helmet. Small optic displays will be provided in front of each eye, which will be constantly enhancing upon the real-world scenario with the help of computer graphics and information gathered by the sensor technology. And this is how real-time information will be provided to the farmer.

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The HMD can be improvised with the introduction and inclusion of many other technologies. For instance, multi zooming capability will be very helpful for the farmers while working out on the vast field. Extensive information about infrared light, UV light, light absorbance capability of different molecules will be helpful too.

End words

Augmented reality is a technology with great potentiality and future views. So far it has changed our view in many ways. Sincerely in the space of gaming, e-commerce, entertainment, education, tourism, health care, and the list goes on. And now is the time when the space of agriculture witnesses the long-awaited revolution. It will be a boon to the farmers working day in and day out so that we don’t have to go to bed empty stomach. This is the time to change the vision so that the future gets clearer and better in every possible way.

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