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How Augmented Reality is changing footwear industry?

  • October 31, 2020
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How Augmented Reality is changing footwear industry?

How Augmented Reality is changing shoe shopping?

Do you want to try on those really cool sneakers before purchasing online? Are you fed up with opening shoes each time to try on new footwear? Are you in hurry to purchase and do not have time to try shoes? Well, one of the most dynamic technologies Augmented Reality has a solution for you. AR has successfully entered most industries like healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail. Now, is the turn of the footwear industry to flourish more with the help of Augmented Reality. Some of the major brands like Adidas, Nike, have successfully integrated AR. With increasing, inclination towards digitalization and e-commerce retailers are always looking for new ways to enrich customer experience. As per Google, you get few milliseconds to hold your customer on your online store.

Suppose you know your shoe size, but how are you going to settle with the apt color? How will you know which design will go best with your appearance? To, rub off all these confusions footwear industries are actively embracing Augmented Reality. AR can be a great help to retailers as well as consumers. Here, we will discuss AR in the footwear industry in detail:

Use of AR in the footwear industry?

Augmented Reality is used to virtually try on footwear without actually touching the physical object. You just need to point your mobile at your feet and you can see yourself in those cool pairs. You can use it in-store or on the e-commerce site anywhere.

How does it work?

To use Augmented Reality, the owner needs a developer to make 3D models of all shoes in the collection. The 3D model will help customers to get a better view from all angles. Initially, with 2D models, customers could not get a better view and were always in confusion due to sizes and designs. Now, the developed 3D models need to be uploaded on the virtual try-on app. Customers can use this application to try the shoes virtually with the help of Augmented Reality. This innovation is a great boon for online shoppers as well as retailers.

How AR in footwear benefits consumer?

  •   Convenient shopping: We are living in a hectic world where we hardly get time for ourselves. In such a tight schedule, consumers are always looking for alternatives to save time. Now, with the introduction of Augmented Reality in footwear consumers can have satisfactory online shopping conveniently at their home. Users need not have to worry about size, color, design, etc. They can try on and select the best fit.
  •   Match it with your wardrobe collection: Most of the time we always look for a collection that goes perfectly with the outfit. In-store shopping, it is not possible to carry a wardrobe to get the best match. But now, with the help of Augmented Reality consumers can try on their collections at home.  AR has paved lots of ways to enhance the shopping experience.

How AR in footwear benefit retailers and businesses?

  •   Expand brand: Augmented Reality in footwear helps retailers to significantly expand their brand and increase brand value. Millennials are highly invested in technology; retailers can use it as an opportunity to get their attention. It helps to increase conversion rates as well.
  •   Global recognition: You can promote your brand globally using online platforms. The use of this robust will help you to improve brand reputation overseas. You can get an edge over your fellow competitors.
  •   Better market strategy: Suppose you have a particular design in the Indian market and you want it to expand. Then you can have those online pairs get tried by people overseas and get reviews.
  •   Reduces Return: Since consumers will get to try-on the product before purchasing hence they can make better judgments. This will minimize the return rate significantly. Most of the time while online shopping shoppers chose to return due to size and matching look issues. AR Try-on will eliminate the need to return by assisting shoppers.
  •   Improves customer retention: Augmented Reality helps to connect customers with products and provide a personalized experience. This increases customer satisfaction rate. Hence, customers are likely to return to the same store again.

Examples of brands using AR

  •   Adidas: The prominent Athleticwear company Addidas incorporated Augmented Reality two years back and since then has been exploring AR and using it in different aspects. It launched AR in its iOS app a year back. It allows customers to virtually try valued models. Adidas partnered with Vyking to make the app. Vyking is an expert in building AR tech solutions. According to the CEO of vyking “ we are excited to launch AR try-on in the Adidas iOS app. Partnering with Adidas has allowed us to roll this feature out alongside the much anticipated Adidas Alphaedge 4D release and a selection of the original range. Viewing products in 3D is already known to increase conversions and we are anticipating a big increase in conversions through our footwear try-on technology”.
  •   Nike: Nike was one of the first companies to experiment with these tools. It first experimented with AR publicly in 2017. To experience AR in Nike you need to open the Nike app. Then go to the product page.  Now select the size of the product from the menu. Here, you get an option to measure your feet. Now stand near the wall and point the camera towards your feet. The app will automatically tell the size of your feet. The NikeFit size will be saved in the app.
  •   Dior: Recently Dior has launched its new Snapchat lens for its B27 men’s sneakers collections. You can just try on and purchase directly from the online store or online channel. The collection has been designed by Kim Jones and has sneakers varying from vintage tennis shoes to skateboarding.

Wrapping up:

Augmented Reality is an evolving technology. Lots of innovations and modifications are done using AR and a lot is yet to be explored. If you know anything new about the use of AR in footwear, would love to know from you.

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