AR and VR Technologies In Augment E-Commerce

Augmented Reality Social E-Commerce Shopping

  • July 17, 2020
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Augmented Reality Social E-Commerce Shopping

The company Facecake from Calabasas, California USA shows with the augmented reality social shopping application Swivel where e-commerce will develop in the coming years. With the Augmented Reality Shopping Experience Swivel from Facecake (the virtual changing room), buyers can dress digitally and in real time with different pairs of clothing thanks to Microsoft Kinect or a normal webcam. The customer stands in front of a display with an adapted camera, where the garment is placed over the body using augmented reality. The customer can try on different outfits in a kind of virtual mirror, in full-motion, 3D and real-time view.

According to Facecake, Swivel should in future be integrated on the websites of clothing chains or be used directly in stores with display systems. Customers can then use the Augmented Reality app from home with an ordinary Microsoft webcam or Kinect, or test in seconds directly in or outside the shop at the shop windows whether they like handbags, clothing, and accessories or choose a different combination should.

With a connection to social communities such as Facebook, the tried-and-tested garment can be sent directly to Facebook friends. This way, buyers can find out what their friends think about it and how they feel about it before buying it. Augmented reality in e-commerce / social commerce is expected to find its way into numerous shops in the coming months.

A video about the shopping experience with augmented reality and social commerce shows a very interesting use of how augmented reality can expand shopping and home shopping.

Swivel in action | Augmented Reality Social E-commerce

The video shows how a real shopping experience can be expanded with “augmented reality”. The link to the social platform Facebook gives the shopping experience a personal component and also ensures the dissemination of the products and brands. However, Swivel is not the only AR social shopping application in this area. Zugara, for example, won a prize in the spring 2011. Marker-free shopping is also possible here.

The fact is that augmented reality and the combination with social shopping is gaining more and more importance. Some companies such as Metaio and Total Immersion show how outdoor and online marketing can be expanded and successfully implemented using augmented reality. The virtual shopping spree becomes reality with augmented reality. Social commerce will come and we are keeping an eye on this development.

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