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Halloween with ARghost is here to scare you!

  • October 31, 2020
  • 6 min read
Halloween with ARghost is here to scare you!

Celebrate Halloween with Google Augmented Reality

Halloween week is rolling. All are set to celebrate this supposed- to-be-scary festival. For ages, we have been celebrating this festival by getting decked up in our scariest outfit. Well, how about celebrating this spooky festival with a pinch of Augmented Reality this year? Google is all set to scare you on Halloween with  ARghost. For readers who want to know more about Halloween let us start with an introduction:

What is Halloween and why is it celebrated?


Halloween as the word suggests means Hallowed evening or holy evening. At some places, Halloween is also known in the name of All Saints’ Eve. Halloween is a festival to remember deaths on the last day of harvest annually. The day is dedicated to honoring deceased loved ones. The festival is celebrated mainly in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, The United States, Tokyo, and Canada. The festival originated in Ireland. Gradually festival is being embraced by people all over the world. On Halloween, people get dressed in their scariest form. Costumes are believed to be inspired by folk customs.

The history of Halloween goes back to 2000 years and is believed to have Christian roots. It is celebrated on the last of Samhain which marks the end of summer or the harvest season. Some believe the gap between living and dead reduce and the dead can come back to life. People used to put on masks and lit bonfires to please unholy spirits on this day so that they would not destroy crops. People started dressing and celebrating this festival in the 16th century in countries like Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. It is believed that people used to dress impersonating spirits to protect themselves. With time children started asking for candies and soul cakes to free the soul.

How is Halloween celebrated?

People attend parties, wear scary costumes, carve pumpkins, Some Christians avoid non-vegetarian food on this day, light candles on the graves of the dead. Americans celebrate the festival by sharing stories of witches and ghosts. The celebration also includes pranks, games, trick or treating. In Mexico, Spain, and Latin America celebration starts on the 31st of October and continues till the 2nd of November. Many people celebrate it by building homes for dead ancestors and decorate it with candies, photographs, and flowers.  They believe they return to their earthly homes on this day. Candles are lighted to help the deceased find their way to homes and washbasin and towel are left out so that spirit can wash and enter the feast.

In England on 5th November bonfires are lit on the occasion of Gaw Fawkes Day. Halloween was stopped in England years back and this festival similar to Halloween started. In Ireland and the United States, the festival is celebrated by attending parties and having fun.

But unlike previous years, many of us might not be able to enjoy parties this year all thanks to Corona. Well, no need to worry Google is all set to scare you this Halloween with its AR Ghost. After the brief introduction of Halloween now let us know how google’s AR Ghost is contributing to Halloween celebration.

Halloween with Augmented Reality Ghost

Augmented Reality Ghost

Google keeps experimenting with Augmented Reality and introducing new elements. Google has added an AR ghost in Google Search. Along with AR ghosts, it has also added a handful of elements like a 3D skeleton, a hot dog, three jack-o’ lanterns, magic cat.  To view dog and cat you have to google the words. Celebrate this Halloween with ARghost in which ghost has a wavy appearance. The color of the ghost is a combination of black, white, and grey. Ghosts keep changing its form and are all set to scare you this Halloween. Now, if you are curious to celebrate Halloween with ARghost via google, then you can go through below steps:

  •         Open Google on your smartphone. AR Ghost is available for Android as well as Ios users. Android users can go on google or mobile browser and in the search bar have to type some keywords. Halloween is the most familiar one though you can also search for Costume, Jack-o; lantern, pumpkin, ghost, hot dog, and more.
  •         Next, you need to scroll the screen and you will find “ Summon up a 3D ghost”. To get a view of ghost click on the “ View in 3D” tab.  Now, you can witness AR ghosts waving in your room.
  •         If you are using iPhone you need to move the phone around your room. Once you do that you can see ghosts in your environment. You can adjust your environment and place the computer-generated element in your room.
  •         To give a better experience the ghosts also leave shadow as you move the app. You can enjoy spooky Halloween music as well in the background.
  •         Google also gives the flexibility to share the thrill. You can have a photo or shoot a video and share it on different platforms. You can have experience with other structures as well like hot dogs and magic cut.

Well, this is all Google has to offer this Halloween. Undoubtedly Halloween with ARghost may not be able to replace your parties but you can for sure have fun with it. Are you looking for more scary virtual augmented experiences? Well, one of the topmost video streaming platforms Netflix app can turn your comfortable home into a scary haunted house on Halloween. If you want more Augmented Reality distractions you can have a haunted experience with Amazon.  Amazon is adding a QR code to its package. You can scan the code and see pumpkin lying on your amazon gift box. You can use Amazon’s AR player app to have fun with this 3D model.

Wrapping up:

Augmented Reality is one of the most amazing technologies that offer a varying degree of usage. From using it to save lives by giving robust training to entertaining you when you are bored, AR does it all. If you have more new ideas, would love to hear from you.

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