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How Apple Glass Would Change Your Reality Subsequently

  • August 20, 2020
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How Apple Glass Would Change Your Reality Subsequently

The future of wearable computing devices is about to change, and possibly for the best. Apple is on its way to turn a dream into reality with the most awaited Apple Glass. Apple has always been hell-bent to roll out technology and introduce devices that only science fiction story writers could possibly think of. While people have already started to view the world from a different point of view, Apple is simply including dimensions to their visions. And, now with the advent of Apple Glass, the futuristic vision is going to see a change literally.

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In this article, I have tried to compile all the important features, details and aspects you need to know about the Apple Glass, even before it hits the market. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The concept behind the Apple Glass

If you are a movie buff or simply have a bit knowledge about cinematographic concepts or behind the screen technologies, then chances are that you have heard about the green screen feature. Apple Glass will be the compact and portable version of a green screen, if I may say. Just as the green screen helps to replace the studio view with something else, similarly Apple Glass will allow the user to change the background but within a 3-dimensional system. The glasses will use Augmented reality system to do so.

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Notable features of Apple Glass

Synchronised with iPhone the Apple AR Glass will bring the screen of your phone in front of your eyesight. Information, such as emails, texts and maps can be viewed using the Apple Glass. Even the user can play games using the Apple Glass.

Integration with third-party applications has also been on the list to bring along an app store for the users’ efficiency. The working mechanism of the app store is considered to be similar to Apple TV and Apple Watch. It has also been in hearing that the Apple Glass would use Chroma keying method to replace a solid colour background with a background of user’s wish.

Rumours have been around remarking that prescription lenses would not be necessary for those with poor eyesight while considering the Apple Glass. The glasses are said to be using optical subassembly to adjust the view for those having poor eyesight. However, this information still hasn’t been confirmed and could be a patent for a later version of the product.

Probable release date

News about the release date of the Apple Glass is still a hushed rumour. While many people guessed that 2020 will come up with a release date, now it seems like a distant dream. Alongside the news of the worldwide pandemic, there is a long list of products lined up for release.

Hushed rumours are spread around all the net world, and netizens are seemingly growing crazy over it. Jon Prosser, a virtuous Apple leaker claimed that Apple will be releasing the Apple Glass as soon as sometime in March or June of the year 2021. He also added that the debutant of the Apple Glass will be sooner than its release. Apple is seemingly going to test their customer’s patience, as they did with the first-generation Apple Watch. The unveiling of the product can also be commenced at the annual fall keynote of Apple, as the “one more thing” announcement.

On another note, Ming-Chi Kuo, supposedly the most reputable Apple expert said that Apple Glass by no means s going to hit the market before 2022. While a leaked presentation takes the dates even further to 2023.

But whatever it may be, the tension is building might quick and high.

What it is going to look like

As the most recent prototype suggests, the Apple Glass looks similar to daily wearable plastic glasses, with the company logo on both sides. A LiDAR scanner has also been included on the right temple. However, no other cameras have been reportedly included for security purposes. However, this is not the final prototype and changes can take place in a future modification of the device prototype. The Apple Glass is reportedly claimed to be quite lightweight and comfortable to wear around daily. Though it is unrealistic to expect them to be as lightweight as your fancy sunglasses.

The glasses are accompanied by a wireless plastic charger that will keep you companied even on the go.

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Style variants do not seem like to be an option for the first-generation Apple Glass. Tinted glass is also out of the list. However, the range will hopefully expand and boom soon with later versions of the wearable computing device.

How much it is going to cost

As claimed by Prosser, the Apple Glass are set to cost $ 499 without prescription fees. For a product that is compelled to provide such high-quality technology, the price is seemingly low. Especially when compared to other similar products like Microsoft Hololens 2. Each set of the Microsoft Hololens 2 costs around $ 3500. But the reason behind the device being such a hotshot is the accompanied electronics that are needed to run the device successfully and to receive the potential best service from it.

While as far as the Apple Glass is concerned, it will not need such complex electronics to run. Instead, it will rely upon its companion iPhone to bring quality service at your reach, without the unnecessary hassle. Apple Glass is powered to bring the best experience with minimal diverting issues.

It can be easily compared with the Vuzix Blade augmented reality glasses, which brings along an in-built camera, and integration with Alexa makes it easier for the users to navigate through the system.

Apple is also planning to launch a rather similar product named the Apple VR headset. The VR headset is claimed to be far simpler to use than the Apple Glass. The prototypes have been already released and the few who have been lucky to get the test drive has said that the headset accumulates ultra-high-resolution screen and a cinematic speaker that will enrich the user’s experience. The headset is claimed to provide with realistic visual experience to the user, which indeed is great news. But that’s a story for the next time.

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