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ARLab – Technology Spotlight

  • October 22, 2020
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ARLab – Technology Spotlight

If you are looking to build AR applications you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a rich platform that will give you all the features you need. To add to the mix of SDKs, Arlab is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of augmented reality and computer vision. The Spanish-based company offers a suite of APIs to help developers and brands alike, rapidly take Android and iOS augmented reality applications to market.

Their link API covers:

  • AR Browser (geo-location)
  • Image Matching (visual search)
  • Image Tracking (natural feature tracking)
  • Virtual Desktop (interactive virtual buttons)
  • 3D Engine (AR gaming)

While there are numerous AR SDKs available, very few companies seemed to have cracked the documentation issue and instead prefer developers to opt for the more expensive Unity3D route. The linkAR SDK on the other hand is aimed at developers looking to use their C++ skills to build applications and will appeal to developers who like coding.

Another complaint about developers, particularly indie and hobbyist developers, is the cost involved, even without a Unity license, some companies will charge a small fortune to release applications using their tools. Arab licenses their linkAR SDK from as little as $29 and on a scaling rate depending on what features you are looking for making it one of the most affordable AR SDKs available.

Here at the Planet, we are pleased to see companies making their tools affordable. Check out their APIs in action below, or catch up with ARLab at Augmented Planet 2012 on 30 – 31 October.

Image Matching

You can learn more about ARLab’s tools at

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