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Top innovative examples of Augmented Reality in marketing

  • April 18, 2021
  • 6 min read
Top innovative examples of Augmented Reality in marketing

Augmented Reality is blurring the line between virtual and Reality. Are you interested in seeing outstanding examples of Augmented Reality in marketing? I got you covered.

Augmented Reality is changing the working landscape. The ability to extend and enhance the user experience makes Augmented Reality stand out from the crowd. Users are transforming from an age where audio and video experience were renowned to an age where olfactory and other immersive stimuli will take over. We are living in a digitalized world, and with the second hit of the pandemic, businesses will rely more on online marketing. Technologies like Augmented Reality make it engaging and interactive.

Research says, “ AR can capture people’s attention for over 85 seconds, increase reaction rates by 20 per cent and improve click-through rate to purchase by 33 per cent.  Since AR is new in the market, it is easy to grab and hold the attention of customers using Augmented Reality. People are intrigued and keen to experience the impact of Augmented Reality in marketing. Seeing the hype and wow-some factor of Augmented Reality technology, marketers are planning to integrate it into their business. This is a proven study by netimperative for UK marketers which says, “nearly 10% of marketing managers already have a functioning augmented or Virtual reality aspect of their campaigns. 72% of marketing managers are planning to use augmented and/or virtual reality technologies as part of their marketing strategies”.

This means in coming years Augmented Reality will take the form of must-to have-technology rather than a distinguishing or good-to-have technology in the business. Businesses need to get with the trend to satisfy the need of the customers. For example, back, when the internet was rolling out, the companies who avoided embracing it had to face huge losses. Some had to quit the game and the other took years to get back in the game. Seeing the umpteen belief of big players like Google, Facebook and Apple in the technology, marketers are inspired to integrate AR into the system.

In the current period, marketers do not have to think much about the concept behind AR-enable marketing campaigns. Since it is easier to hold the user’s attention.  But gradually, when Augmented Reality will be the go-to method, marketers have to be cautious and mindful in the usage of Augmented Reality technology.

Augmented Reality in marketing

So, here I have listed the most innovative usage of Augmented Reality in marketing by marketers. You can take inspiration and plan effectively for yours.

Innovative examples of Augmented Reality in marketing:

·         Netflix

Augmented Reality in marketing

I love binge-watching my favourite shows. And it becomes all the way more interesting when Netflix embraces Augmented Reality technology to enhances the user experience.

The multi-millionaire video streaming platform has embraced Augmented Reality technology to promote its upcoming Netflix series. For example, it collaborated with Snapchat to promote strangers things. Users get to play the game, where they can travel to the dangerous storeroom and record the video, similar to the rooms in the series. This increases the hype around Netflix original series and catches the attention of users. It took a step ahead and used Augmented Reality filters to promote Stranger things. When you bring the camera in front of your face, weird and scary creatures will spring to life and scare you.

·         IKEA

Do you love to purchase the product with lots of uncertainty in your head? I don’t! Augmented Reality has a solution for us. As a consumer, I enjoy the experience of Augmented Reality in marketing. Many a time we are confused with the colour combination or how the purchase will strike the ambience at home.

IKEA understood the pain points of shoppers and integrated Augmented Reality into their business. You can bring your phone to the desired space and the technology will place the furniture at the exact location virtually. This virtual form of reality is better than just going for the product based on imagination.

·         Home Depot

Are you thinking of renovating your place? Paint your wall or change the colour of the walls? Home decoration is a tedious task. Our home colour plays important role in setting our mood. Some love bright and funky colours, the other prefer peaceful and subtle colour. With so many colours available, it is not easy to decide the best fit colour.

Here, we have an alternative. Instead of finalizing based on imagination, you can opt for Augmented Reality. Home Depot launched the Project colour app to market as well as solve customer’s confusion. You just have to point the camera on your wall and a plethora of colour combination will pop up. Choose what looks the best.

·         AMC theatres


Timing matters a lot in marketing. The perfect time to deliver the message leads to a successful marketing strategy. Augmented Reality helps businesses in sending messages to users at the right time. AMC theatre has strategized its promotion accordingly.

Though we have the option to watch the new releases on youTube, it becomes much more convenient to Augmented Reality. Suppose, you saw a poster and you want to know the detail. You just have to place the camera in front of the poster and all the details along with the trailer will display on the screen. Further, you can get the option to book the ticket. When you are at the theatre to watch a movie, what else could be better than this one-stop solution?

 Wrapping up:

The ability of Augmented Reality to offer new solutions to different industries which were alien concept a few years before, make the technology much more interesting. The technology is maturing into a powerful tool that offers a wide range of solutions. Let’s see what there is ahead in store!

The early entrants get the benefit and are ahead of the competitors. Here, I have mentioned examples of a few early birds implementing Augmented Reality in marketing.  Some companies are making the most of AR technology some are yet to tap its potential.

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