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Layar Now In 3D | Future Of Augmented Reality

  • April 17, 2021
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Layar Now In 3D | Future Of Augmented Reality

Layer 3.0 In Android :

Layar 3.0 was released yesterday to the Android Marketplace. I don’t have a Google Android device so my blog is based on the information I have pieced together rather than a physical test. The good news however is Augmented Planet is expanding and we’ll soon be joined by a former colleague of mine, Nitin Samani who is going to be our Android correspondent.

The big change with 3.0 is the 3D engine. Developers can now build rich 3D content to make your augmented reality viewing even better. 

Lets’ imagine you are on holiday in London and you are a Beatles fan. If you already use an augmented reality browser, chances are there is a tourist attraction database where you’d be able to find out find where The Beatles played. As you walk around London you could use your augmented reality browser to find Beatles-related POI’s and you’ll get useful information like directions and a link to a website where you can read more, or using Layar 3.0 you could take The Beatles Tour.

Augmented Reality in Layer 3D:

The Beatles Tour developed by a London-based company and fellow augmented reality blogger is one of the most exciting launch layers available. Start the tour, and you are guided to the first location where you have a unique picture opportunity with Ringo, Paul, John, and George on the famous zebra crossing in Abbey Road

As soon as you’re done, the tour guide directs you to the next location and photo opportunity. All in all the tour has 42 locations for you to visit.

Tours sound like a great way to engage users, thinking out loud you could create a tour and generate revenue by having restaurants sign up to be part of the tour. If you were taking The Jack The Ripper Tour, after 28 stops you could be directed to stop off for a bite to eat. How much would a restaurant pay to be included?

At the moment there are 6 layers available (list here) but there are lots more planned.  I’m looking forward to the iPhone version so I can run a proper test.

Is Layar v3.0 Ios Support :

Layar v3.0 can now be downloaded free of charge from the Android Market and is available for all Android 1.5 and 1.6 devices. Layar will release a compatible version for the Droid as soon as possible. Layar has almost finished testing for Android 2.0, and good news for iPhone owners, a version for the iPhone 3GS is to follow as soon as Apple approves.

Is Layer 3D Support Symbian :

The Symbian world is pretty barren right now. The main problem has been the lack of a compass which only arrived with the Nokia N97. 

The other problem is the lack of an application store making it hard to track down applications. With the iPhone, it’s a simple matter of searching the store every few days to see what’s new. That said there are some Symbian apps and you’ll find links to them in the application gallery.

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