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Revolutionizing Industries: Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins

  • March 20, 2023
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Revolutionizing Industries: Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins

With the potential to hasten time to market by up to 50 percent, digital twins are becoming the focal point of discussions in organizations spanning various industries. Pioneers like the Orlando Economic Partnership and Globetrotter are just a couple of the many enterprises already employing digital twins to future-proof their businesses.

While some have embraced the change, many others are still in the initial phase of understanding what a digital twin is, how it functions, and why it’s essential.

In this article, we present some key insights from our latest e-book, The What, Why, and How of Digital Twins, exploring the nature of digital twins, their workings, and the future they help shape. To access the complete e-book and learn how Unity-powered digital twins contribute to a more intelligent, secure, and eco-friendly reality, continue reading until the end.

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What is a digital twin, and how does it operate?

2H2D1W2 Digital twin industrial process modeling software technology concept.

A digital twin is a dynamic, virtual representation of a physical asset, process, system, or environment that mirrors and behaves just like its real-world counterpart. Digital twins enable interdisciplinary teams to cooperatively design, construct, test, implement, and manage complex systems in interactive and engaging ways.

Digital twins operate by linking tangible assets with real-world data, enabling the virtual visualization of movements, forces, and interactions that the asset may experience in the physical realm. Users can interact with dynamic, three-dimensional content that responds to their actions in real-time. Within this virtual setting, users can efficiently simulate real-world situations, explore “what-if” scenarios, and instantly visualize the results on any platform, including mobile devices, computers, and AR/MR/VR devices.

Why are businesses adopting digital twin technology?

Design and engineering teams in industries like manufacturing and architecture increasingly employ 3D visualization for more immersive and interactive designing. However, once a product is manufactured or an infrastructure project is finished, these teams have limited insight into the potential performance outcomes and future issues of their physical creations.

By implementing a digital twin, adopters can bridge the gap between design and utilization, harnessing the full potential of data to uncover valuable insights. These insights enable companies to learn from the past, assess current conditions, and anticipate future problems with their physical assets.

Companies can also make better-informed decisions throughout various work phases, leading to increased cost savings. For instance, improved design choices from the outset yield substantial dividends over a project’s lifespan, as 80-90% of costs incurred during production, usage, and maintenance are determined at the design stage.

Digital twins in action: Unlocking data for enhanced decision-making


Redefining digital transformation for a transportation hub, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) collaborated with Unity’s custom solutions team to leverage cutting-edge, interactive technology and develop North America’s first real-time 3D digital twin for an airport. YVR’s digital twin of its terminal and airfield addresses challenges like training, optimization, testing, environmental impact assessment, and future planning, all while ensuring uninterrupted airport operations. Designed with a “people-first” approach, the digital twin offers boundless value for YVR’s frontline workers and the broader community.

Revolutionizing urban planning in Paris

Vectuel, a French company specializing in visualization solutions, has spent over a decade creating a digital twin that covers more than 2 million existing and proposed structures across 1,000 km². In collaboration with city officials and architects, Vectuel’s digital twin streamlines visualization, enhancing and expediting decisions on architectural style, color, floor plans, and equipment placement. This ultimately reduces downtime, construction duration, errors, and overall project expenses.

Visualizing concepts and results in real-time

A leader in safety technology, Volvo Cars is not slowing down when it comes to incorporating interactive, immersive experiences into product development processes in the automotive industry. Volvo Cars utilizes digital twin experiences at every stage of the product lifecycle, from design and R&D to consumer-facing applications.

By visualizing a vehicle in an immersive environment, designers and engineers can collaborate more effectively, accelerating the iterative process and reducing costs. They can conduct research, design, modeling, prototyping, and user testing to validate ideas virtually in ways that would initially be too expensive, impractical, or impossible to recreate in the real world.

Digital twins have become a way for Volvo Cars’ engineers and designers to communicate using a common language, where everyone can see the same, complete virtual vehicle.

What does the future of digital twins look like?


As we enter a new era of the internet, industry leaders are quickly recognizing the importance of adopting next-generation technologies to avoid being left behind. Increasingly, products, industrial machinery, factories, and infrastructure are no longer just physical entities—they have precise virtual counterparts.

Emerging trends built using digital twins, such as the metaverse, are unlocking a new economy filled with opportunities for immersive experiences in hybrid digital-physical spaces. These experiences can utilize to manage facility updates, customize vehicle purchases, or even create meaningful brand interactions for customers.

The potential of digital twins is limitless

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