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Lenovo is the smartphone that will take advantage of Google’s augmented reality

The Chinese company Lenovo on the occasion of Tech World 2016 , in San Francisco, presented the new smartphone, PHAB2 , the smartphone that will first use Tango, Google’s software at the service of augmented reality (AR) applications.

Lenovo has worked with Google for about a year on Tango, which has elements of augmented reality and virtual reality. Google sold the development kit for $ 512 to smartphone manufacturers and Lenovo claims an initial six-month advantage over rivals . Calling it a simple smartphone is decidedly reductive, we are talking about a device that will have Google’s set of sensors and software able to detect the surrounding reality, map it and propose an augmented version with different tools and a series of applications dedicated to Augmented Reality.

All you have to do is look through Phab 2 to see the objects overlapping the real world. You can measure objects with your phone, but you can also view furniture, such as a new table or sofa, to see how they are at home. Or you can simply play with our virtual pet.

The device, at the expense of what you can think, will not have exaggerated costs, indeed the Future of  Augmented Reality proposed by Lenovo will arrive at affordable prices and for all, the best model will cost, from September, 499 dollars .

Here are some features that I consider fundamental to underline on this smartphone:

Screen: 6.4 “QHD (1440 x 2560) It adapts to different light conditions, such as sunlight or light reflections

Camera: 16 MP rear camera
8 MP front camera
3 seconds for super-fast focus

Tango: Augmented Reality games
various augmented reality utilities

Processor: Snapdragon ™ 652 processor, Tango Edition
Optimized for Tango

Memory: 64GB ROM
4 GB of RAM

Personally, for all its promises and potential, I don’t expect this first device to become mainstream, but it will certainly intrigue many people and I can only imagine the business models in which it can be useful to Tango.

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