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Facebook AR Wristband- A step closer to rich Human-Computer Interaction

  • March 23, 2021
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Facebook AR Wristband- A step closer to rich Human-Computer Interaction

 Facebook AR wristband – A step closer to rich Human-computer Interaction

This can be the future! Yes, you read it right. In the near future, we will be able to operate AR products or Augmented Reality glasses just by thinking. The giant tech company Facebook is developing a Facebook AR  wristband that can detect and connect your neural nerves and motor nerves. Facebook Reality Labs is engaged in bringing transformational technology. Facebook is one of the foremost AR players that has been working on the innovative implementation of technology.

Facebook AR Wristband

How will the AR wristband operate?

AR wristband will connect your thinking to an Augmented product. The object will move on its own as per the movement of your hand. The Facebook AR wristband aims to improve human-computer interaction.

What is the aim of-

(a)       Augmented Reality glasses:

AR glasses aim to bridge the distance between the physical world and the digital world. Facebook AR glasses aim to connect you and your near ones irrespective of the location giving a real-like experience. You can share the experience with anyone through this virtually powered technology. Andrew Bosworth, the lead of Facebook Reality labs says, “Imagine being able to teleport anywhere in the World to have shared experiences with people who matter most in your life – no matter where they happen to be, that’s the promise of AR glasses. It’s a fusion of the real world and the virtual world in a way that fundamentally enhances daily life for the better”.

The Augmented Reality glasses of Facebook will be out this year. Apple and Vuzix AR glass will give tough competition to the product.

(b)      Facebook AR wristband:


Facebook AR wristband aims to ease the operation of Augmented Reality glasses. The wristband is based on the integration of Artificial Integration and Augmented Reality. The tech device will have the ability to adapt to your environment and give you personalized choices.

Why Facebook designed it for the wrist?

We are habituated to wear a watch on the wrist for years. The wrist is the most convenient body part to carry wearables such as a watch, bracelet or band. Keeping this in the count, the company is developing the Facebook AR wristband. The device is easy to operate and available round the clock. It uses Electromyography – a sensor that detects the electrical motor signal in nerves and further control functions of the device – to operate the command.

Facebook Reality Labs director, Thomas Reardon says, “ What we’re trying to do with neural interfaces is to let you control the machine directly, using the output of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) – specifically the nerves outside the brain that animate your hand and finger muscles”. The other reasons behind this are:

·         Less environmental friction:

With mobile phones in your pocket, sometimes it works as a hindrance between you and the environment. But the traditional wristwatch has been in use for ages. The Facebook AR wristband is a lot similar to a wristwatch.

·         Prioritize security:

When in 2016 Facebook Released AR glasses,  security was the topmost concern and due to security issues the company had to limit the usage of the product. This will not repeat in the case of the Facebook AR wristband. The company is paying topmost concern on privacy, security and safety.

·         Can reasonably fit:

It is designed in a way that it can easily fit on the wrist of any hand. If you need to do work with both hands, you can probably wear it on both wrists and get a superpower like force.

·         Can wear-all-day comfortably:

People can wear watches throughout the day without any inconvenience. The design and appearance make it easy and convenient to wear and use.

Features of Facebook AR wristband:

Facebook AR Wristband

·         Always available:

The device has the potential to function throughout the day. You can keep it on just like wristwatches. It will be available to operate as per your thinking round the clock.

·         Can be customized:

You can customize the Facebook AR wristband as per your need. The preferences will be provided as per your feedback. Advanced technology such as Hepatic, sensors, acknowledges your mood.

·         Energy-efficient:

It observes your mood and routine and recommends the tasks accordingly. This makes the entire living energy-efficient. For example, if you are using the traditional keyboard now to type, the time consumed to draft content will drastically decrease. Here is a glimpse: The link

Uses of Facebook AR Wristband:

FRL Research Science Manager Tanya Jonker, explains, “The underlying AI has some understanding of what you might want to do in the future. Perhaps you head outside for a jog and, based on your past behaviour, the system thinks you are most likely to want to listen to your running playlist. It then presents that option to you on the display: paly running playlist? That’s the adaptive interface at work. Then you can simply confirm or change that suggest using a micro gesture. The intelligent click gives you the ability to take these highly contextual actions in a very low-friction manner because the interface surfaces something that’s relevant based on your personal history and choices, and it allows you to do that with minimal input gestures”.

·         Drastically increases the speed of work:

Just by observing your first action, the device can predict your next action. At the first sight, it seems like saving a few seconds, but gradually these seconds add up to save a significant amount of time.

·         Allows multitasking:

You can do multiple tasks at a time and quickly learn new skills such as new languages.


The functioning of the Facebook AR wristband:

It integrates the human nervous system specifically the Peripheral nervous system with a computer. You just need to give a little feedback to help the device understand your need or preferences. The haptic based systems, help in sending vibration, figuring out sensations and emotions.

Wrapping up:

The early description seems promising though there is a lot yet to be explored! The sole purpose is to make human-computer communication richer and interactive. The company has prioritized privacy in the development process making the device safer to use. Does this look like an interesting future of human-computer interaction?

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