Snapchat Drapes Augmented Reality Lens For Fourth July Independence Day

To commemorate Fourth July Independence Day, Snapchat launched a new AR experience for the Statue of Liberty. With its augmented reality lens, Landmarker Lens, users around the Liberty Island, New York City, can capture the Statue of Liberty swaying back and forth under virtual fireworks.

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Landmarkers, a new feature in Snapchat’s Lens Studio, was introduced in April at the Snap Partner Summit 2019 held in Los Angeles. With this feature, independent Lens creators are able to generate AR experiences for certain major landmarks.

At its launch, five Landmarker experiences were targeted, including Buckingham Palace in London, England, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, the Flatiron Building in New York City, the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Users can have these experiences when visiting the various locations.

Using the Landmarker Lens technology, Snapchat also developed a Game of Thrones AR experience for the final season of the show, that allowed users in the vicinity of the Flatiron Building in New York to experience a virtual dragon on the building.

Other AR features that were announced alongside the Landmarkers include music discovery via Shazam (discovers a song’s name and artist while the song is playing), product shopping via Amazon (brings up an Amazon store link when a user presses and holds the screen while pointing the camera at a product or product label), and equation solving with Photomath (instantly solves a math equation when a user points the camera at it).

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SnapChat Drapes
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Images via Snap

With its augmented reality lens technology, Landmarkers, and other AR tools, Snapchat continues to advance the point of sale AR trade, allowing marketers engage consumers on the go.

If you couldn’t make it to New York City on July 4, you still have the rest of the summer to see Lady Liberty rocking back and forth under virtual fireworks.


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