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Virtual Reality Fairways: Top 5 Best VR Golf Game to Play

  • April 26, 2023
  • 6 min read
Virtual Reality Fairways: Top 5 Best VR Golf Game to Play

Are you looking for the best VR golf games to play? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Virtual Reality Fairways has compiled a list of the top 5 best VR games available, from realistic golf simulations to classic arcade-style action. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these VR golf games will offer hours of immersive entertainment and challenge. So, grab your clubs and get ready to hit the virtual fairways with the best VR golf games available!

What is the Best VR Golf Game?

When it comes to virtual reality golf games, there is no clear-cut answer to which one is the best. There are a variety of different VR golf games available, each offering a unique experience. Some focus on realism, while others focus on more arcade-style gameplay. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide which VR golf game fits their style and preferences the best.

That being said, the best VR golf game is generally agreed upon to be WGT by Topgolf. This game combines realistic gameplay with a fun and exciting atmosphere. The graphics are stunning, and the courses offer plenty of challenges. There are also tournaments and leaderboards for those who want to compete against other players. The only downside to WGT is that it requires an expensive VR headset, which may put off some players.

Overall, WGT by Topgolf is widely regarded as the best VR golf game. It offers a great balance between realism and fun while providing plenty of challenges. Those looking for a great virtual reality golfing experience should try this game.

Runner Up: WGT by Topgolf

WGT by Topgolf is the perfect game for golf enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their virtual reality experience. WGT by Topgolf combines realistic graphics and easy-to-learn game mechanics with an impressive range of courses and a great selection of clubs. Players can customize their avatars and equipment, compete in tournaments, earn rewards, and enjoy leaderboards with friends.

The game features a wide range of golf courses, from realistic international locations to fantasy-themed ones. Courses are designed to challenge players with hazards, elevation changes, water hazards, and sand traps that keep players on their toes. Players can also choose from various clubs to suit their playing style, including drivers, irons, hybrids, putters, and wedges.

The game also features WGT’s Tour Mode, which allows players to play their way through a tour and compete against other players. As players complete each round, they will earn stars and coins, which can be used to upgrade their clubs and unlock new courses. Additionally, WGT by Topgolf includes both online and offline modes, allowing players to compete against others worldwide or hone their skills without an internet connection. 

Overall, WGT by Topgolf is a great game for those looking for a realistic golfing experience without the commitment of time or money. The game provides plenty of options and challenges to keep players entertained for hours.

Hot Shots Golf by Sony

Hot Shots Golf by Sony is a popular virtual reality game offering players an exciting and realistic golf experience. The game features 3D graphics, full control of your golf swing and club selection, and stunning visuals. You can play with your friends or challenge yourself against the computer in different game modes such as Tournament, Challenge, and Versus. 

Players can also customize their avatars, and the game includes a detailed tutorial system to help you learn the basics. Hot Shots Golf also supports motion controls with the PlayStation Move controller, allowing you to make precise shots with the push of a button. 

Overall, Hot Shots Golf by Sony is a great VR game that offers a fun and challenging experience for all players. Hot Shots Golf is worth checking out if you’re looking for an immersive golf game for your PlayStation VR headset.

Golf Club by HTC

Golf Club is a virtual reality golf game developed and published by HTC, the renowned manufacturer of VR headsets. This game offers an incredibly realistic virtual golf experience and allows you to play on any of its 7 courses. The graphics are stunning, with realistic textures and plenty of details to make the golfing experience feel real. You can even switch between different difficulty levels to challenge yourself.

The controls in Golf Club are smooth and intuitive, making it easy to use even for beginners. You can customize your character, choose from various clubs and balls, and improve your stats. Additionally, the game allows you to engage in online tournaments and compete against other players for bragging rights.

In conclusion, Golf Club by HTC is a great virtual reality golf experience that should be noticed. It offers beautiful graphics, realistic gameplay, and plenty of customization options. Online tournaments are a bonus and make the game even more enjoyable. All in all, Golf Club is worth checking out if you want an immersive VR golf experience.

PGA Tour by EA Sports

If you want an enjoyable best VR golf game with extra features and challenges, then PGA Tour by EA Sports is the perfect choice. PGA Tour lets you experience golf differently while playing in immersive virtual reality. With a full-featured career mode and tournaments, you can play your way to becoming a master golfer.

In the PGA Tour, you can choose from a wide range of clubs, customize your character’s appearance and swing style, and upgrade your equipment as you progress. You can also explore various world locations to discover new courses with unique terrain and hazards. The game also offers real-time weather changes and dynamic pin placements to add a realistic feel to the game.

To add to the challenge, PGA Tour includes various events such as team tournaments, long drive contests, and closest-to-the-pin competitions. You can even compete against other players online to climb the leaderboard.

If you’re looking for an engaging and immersive virtual reality golfing experience with plenty of challenges, then PGA Tour by EA Sports is the perfect choice. Enjoy every second of this amazing VR experience as you take your golf game to the next level!


Virtual reality golf games offer a fun and immersive way to practice your swing and practice your golf game in a realistic environment. Many excellent VR golf titles are available, but the five mentioned here provide some of the most enjoyable and challenging experiences. Whether you’re a veteran golfer or a beginner, these games will provide hours of entertainment as you master your short game and perfect your long drives. No matter your chosen title, you will have a great time on the virtual fairways!

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