What Is The Genesis Metaverse Game?

  • January 18, 2022
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What Is The Genesis Metaverse Game?

Welcome to the Genesis Metaverse, the world’s first blockchain-based virtual reality gaming platform! Here you can create custom avatars, play AI games with other players, explore worlds that no one has ever seen before, and more! Genesis Metaverse is built on the Ethereum platform and uses its own native cryptocurrency known as EXP tokens to allow for secure interactions between users. If you have any questions about Genesis Metaverse or what it’s all about, feel free to ask in the comments section below!

About The Genesis Metaverse

Genesis is a next-generation virtual world, a shared space where people can meet and communicate from anywhere in the world. Think of it as a computer game universe, but one in which every single item is based on a real object that exists somewhere in our world.

A steak dinner exists because someone buys and cook a steak, or order one to deliver; because someone else bought a plane ticket to that restaurant and paid for it with his credit card; because there are roads between that restaurant and where he lives so he could get there without getting lost; you can pay with your smartphone, taking advantage of new smart meter capabilities allowing you to buy things using devices carried around all day by everyone who’s ever walked past them; etc.

The Genesis metaverse is a 3D virtual world developed using OSGrid. It will feature Second Life-like regions where users can meet, chat, explore and interact in real-time.

Because it uses OSGrid to provide its online framework, users will be able to teleport between other virtual worlds that run on OSGrid (for example, SL), and The Genesis metaverse will be accessible from a variety of devices including PCs and mobile phones.

This means people can take their game characters with them when they go out – for example, to work – and continue playing seamlessly when they get home.

How Can I Get Involved?

To learn more and get involved with Genesis, head to its website at genesis. money on your desktop or mobile browser and click Sign Up. You can also directly download a code editor application on your desktop or mobile device. Once you sign up and create an avatar, you will have full access to Genesis and all of its features. Remember that there is no cost to join or play, so don’t wait! Head over now and start playing! You can meet other players in-game by visiting locales like Tavern Island or Ursi Park. Don’t forget to try out some of Genesis’s first social games in-game.

There are fun activities to enjoy like fishing or learning magic tricks from your friends! It doesn’t matter if you are new to MMO gaming; Genesis is designed for everyone. If you are interested in programming, Genesis has a blockchain API where you can write your own custom skills as well as quests. 

If business sounds interesting, Genesis will soon be implementing an auction house for buying and selling items between players using cryptocurrency. Genesis’ currency will be tradeable outside of the game via Genesis Exchange when it opens in Q3 2018. So make sure to stay tuned for updates regarding those features. Last but not least, I want everyone reading here today excited about Genesis because it’s finally launching (as beta) after years of development . . . so let’s make it fun together.

Getting Started

While you may feel like you’re up to your ears in virtual reality hype, there’s a reason that companies like Facebook and Sony are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into VR. It’s because it has real potential for changing every aspect of life. But rather than dive into an overview about why virtual reality will reshape life as we know it, let’s focus on how it could revolutionize gaming (itself a multi-billion dollar industry). 

Enter Genesis: A state-of-the-art platform that allows gamers to experience worlds, unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. It uses revolutionary technology that superimposes digital objects onto physical scenery. So what does all of that mean in practical terms?

Well, imagine entering a fully immersive fantasy world where amazing creatures exist alongside real people.

No longer is gameplay limit to flat screens or hand-held devices everything comes alive, right in front of your eyes. 

Genesis is currently seeking $250 million to develop its revolutionary software—and if you think that sounds expensive, then it’s time to consider just how much money can be made with one blockbuster game. 

Take World of Warcraft for example; after 10 years, its developer Activision still hasn’t run out of steam—earning more than $1 billion annually from users who pay $15 per month just so they can keep playing. Millions have purchased WoW packs over the years; at roughly $40 each, those add up pretty quickly!

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