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Next generation video games will include Augmented Reality

In fact, there are video games that already include augmented reality, but they are generally mostly for children. For example, we can take a look at Eye Pet developed by Sony, where children can have a “virtual” pet and play with it using only a card that works as a marker.

Double exposure of woman using the virtual reality headset

With this article, however, we want to talk about action games, games or sports, in which the introduction of augmented reality and their types could lead to new and engaging experiences for players. It is not strange to think that the spread of Augmented Reality technology can also reach the video game sector, thanks to its wide range of possibilities. Augmented Reality Types are more often clear in this Article.

Using increasingly sophisticated AR systems, we will be able to map our room, or the environment around us, and display a huge series of virtual objects that will give us a more immersive gaming experience. In addition to improving user interaction with the elements of the game and adding new objects, AR can increase the experience of multiplayer games by also taking advantage of geolocation.

In order to better understand this idea, think of an action game such as the well-known Counter Strike, where multiple users on a team must kill other players. Now imagine that instead of staying at home, in front of the computer, each player can play outside, and has a device with an integrated AR system that can monitor each of these players and that shows the position of all the players on the screens of their devices. Wouldn’t it be exciting?

All of this is achievable. We do not need complex 3D tracking, but provide players with an ad hoc space for this purpose. In the glasses, players would be able to see how a HUD (Head Up Display), which shows information such as the team’s score, bullets on the left and the radar with the players positioned.

This approach would take video games to a whole new level … or take reality to a new level! After all, this is what augmented reality is meant to do! Similar things have already been done, but the best part is yet to come … imagine going with friends to play paintball with this new technology!

Nowadays, video games are evolving a lot, but the improvements are mainly in terms of graphic quality and the level of interaction with in-game events (more options, destructible environments, decisions that have an impact on history …). However, the player is always in front of a screen, playing with a controller. There have also been a lot of innovations in the field of control: devices like Nintendo’s WiiMote or Microsoft’s Kinect , which allows you to use video games with the movement of our body. All of these are interesting technologies, but let’s be honest, nothing like going out with our friends for real, and playing a “real” video game!

After all, we’re playing video games with realistic graphics, but what’s more real than reality itself? Augmented reality only increases the “usability” of reality to make it more pleasant, or in this topic that we are talking about, increase the entertainment experience of the players. Plus, it would be a nice way to fight obesity! Let’s see what we’ll have to play in a few years!

source: http://www.arlab.com/blog/next-games-generation-could-include-augmented-reality/#more-2416

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