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Google AR makeup- select the lipstick and eyeshadow shades using Augmented Reality

  • December 23, 2020
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Google AR makeup- select the lipstick and eyeshadow shades using Augmented Reality

Google AR makeup- select the lipstick and eyeshadow shades using Augmented Reality

Google one of the biggest tech players is firmly supporting Augmented Reality. Now and then google is introducing new elements and enriching the user experience. A few days ago I was playing with google 3D animals and was in awe with the experience.  Now, Google wants us to virtually try different products by allowing Google AR makeup. Well, I have been excessively using online platforms this year to purchase products. Given the pandemic and hectic engagement, leaves very little time, which ultimately leads to enjoying online shopping at the comfort of the couch.  Seeing the data of statista, it seems I am not alone here, many of you are on the same track. Well, there is a piece of cool and fun-filled news for us. Google will be introducing Google AR makeup which means we can try our favorite shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows before purchasing from our go-to brands. Augmented Reality has taken user experience to a next level. Let’s see what Google has in store for us.

Augmented Reality has revolutionized the beauty industry by allowing customers’ to virtually try-on makeup. The new added to the list is Google AR makeup. This new feature allows shoppers to try virtual makeup. Google is wishing to bring beauty products to our phones. Seeing the ongoing pandemic era you may want to spend maximum time in your homes. Google allows trying different products to check out the color and select what pleases you beforehand. When you go out you can save your time and get started with the core work.

The workflow!

Goggle has partnered with ModiFace and Perfect corp to bring some major lipsticks and eyeshadows brand counter in your phone. ModiFace offers Augmented Reality tech to beauty brands. Perfect corp is the leading makeup maker brand that has made for YouCam Makeup app. You can check different shades of eyeshadows and lipsticks of brands like L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder,  Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury. Google has collaborated with these brands to help users virtually try thousand of lipsticks and eyeshadows shades.

Google is rolling out this amazing fun-filled feature to help shoppers efficiently do online shopping. Shoppers can try the product, be assured of its texture, color, and then can make the final decision.

How to try Google AR makeup?

Google AR Makeup
Google AR Makeup(source)

Google facilitates users to try lipsticks and eyeshadow shades of collaborated brands using the front-camera. When you will search for makeup products of these brands you will get a choice to experience the makeup virtually.  The virtual try-on option will be located on the top of your search result. You can apply it to yourself virtually or can also click through models’ photos that match your skin tone.

For example, you want to try Infalliable Paints Metallic Eyeshadow of L’Oreal, go to google app search with the name and scroll, on the top of the search result you will see the try-on feature. Now, you can give a try of a different color, and selects that best suits your skin tone. You can try on a range of models with different skin tones or on yourself whatever pleases you. Not only this with holidays around the corner, but you can also even enjoy video-call using the virtual Google AR makeup.

What does Google say?

Google blog post says “ If you are shopping for beauty products, it’s difficult to make a decision on such personal items without trying them on. Say you want to know how sheer a lip gloss is, how much pigment is in an eyeshadow or what a product will look like on your skin tone, it can be difficult to understand these things without seeing the products up close”.

Google blog post further illustrates it with an example saying “ Find the perfect nude lip by searching for MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick and quickly trying each shade in the collection”. If you are looking for a velvety matte lipstick for your holiday video calls with family and friends, search for NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment and find the color that matches your style”.

The feature will roll out in the U.S this week, sooner or later it will be available for everyone across the globe. The readers outside the U.S need to wait for a while till the launch comes on their phone as well. By then, you will find sites mentioning the amazing features.

How Google AR makeup will enhance the perks of online shopping?

How to use Google AR Makeup
How to use Google AR Makeup(source)

On one hand, online shopping is extremely flexible and convenient but on the other hand, shoppers used to miss the physical try of project. Most of the time while purchasing beauty products, shoppers have to just look at the color and imagine themselves. This many times lead to unsatisfied purchase and higher returns.

Try-on products:

The Augmented Reality technology has presented the most immersive and real-like solutions that allow to virtually try the product before final purchase. Before purchasing beauty products, shoppers have a lot of confusion like will the product look good on my skin tone? Is this shade too dark for me? How will I know the exact pigment in this eyeshadow? How sheer a lip gloss is? To, make the purchase easier and more fun AR allows virtual try-on of beauty products. Shoppers can try-on the products and be more assured before purchasing. While purchasing beauty products sometimes it is extremely arduous to pick up the right match. AR simplifies the purchasing by allowing to quickly try-on the products.

Pick the right pigment:

With the help of Google AR makeup, shoppers can easily pick the right pigment in eyeshadow and the perfect shade of lipstick of their favorite brands that has Google collaborated with. The up-close visualizations help in the easy selection of beauty products.

Hope you are as excited as I am to experience Google AR makeup. Till then we have a couple of other options available like YouCam Makeup, FaceCack, etc. Did you enjoy reading the post?


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