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Impact of Augmented Reality in real estate- the next level visualization

  • April 26, 2021
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Impact of Augmented Reality in real estate- the next level visualization

It is a difficult task to buy the property just based on 2D images. The uncertainty continues and we finally decide to give a visit to the spot to get satisfaction. But travel and pandemic do not go hand in hand. Do not worry, technology never disappoints us! Give a try at Augmented Reality in real estate.  The Augmented Reality technology is the saviour.

Augmented Reality in real estate has a massive influence in locking the property deal. Real estate is lucrative and one of the most profitable business sector. The Augmented reality in real estate is bridging the gap between virtual and reality. We are blessed with technology that allows us to do the work – take the important decision-at the comfort of our couch.

A report by Goldman Sachs predicts, AR and VR market in real estate will reach at least $80 billion by 2025.”

 In this article, I will highlight the difficulties faced by buyers before finalizing the property in the pandemic or otherwise. Simultaneously I Will show, how the use of Augmented Reality in real estate is solving these issues. I will also mention how realtors can benefit from Augmented Reality in real estate. Let us see, whether Augmented Reality in real estate is the future of the real estate business or not?

Difficulties faced by buyers and solutions:

·         Property view

Property view is the most critical and important in the real estate business. While looking for a property it is difficult for buyers to know the exact features through photos and videos. The 2D view limits the breathtaking view of the property and leaves the prospect unsatisfied. Augmented Reality is the most realistic alternative to this. Buyers can get a 3D real-like view of the property.

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·         Uncertain about how the design will look after construction

Augmented Reality in real estate gives life to your thought. If you are unsure which design will look best on the floor or which colour should I chose for the wall, AR helps here. Buyers can have a better perspective and visualization through Augmented Reality technology.

·         Brochures are not satisfying


Suppose you are sitting in London and you are searching for a property in the USA. Now, it’s difficult to squeeze time from a hectic schedule for travelling and seeing each property. The brochure will show you the image, but images on paper do not do justice. It leaves us confused and unsatisfied. We have an alternative in this tech era.

A realtor has enough property details in the brochure, but on the page, it looks lifeless. It is very difficult to imagine how the property will exactly look. The AR technology brings life to the brochure. You just have to bring your mobile camera and you can get an immersive view of the amazing building standing on it.

The 360-degree view of the interior and exterior gives rest to the confusion and uncertainty. This is not only a great way to shortlist the desired property, but you can also go for the final purchase. Augmented Reality will give you a real-like feel as if you are on the spot and viewing. It helps in better visualization of even minute things such as the home décor, the furniture, the design, washroom settings, etc. Augmented Reality offers a great way to scale the business of real estate marketers. Marketers can help the potential customers to get a feel of how it will exactly be.

Happy purchase in the USA!

·         The future look!

When a customer looks for a plot, or see the images of the plot, they are unsure about the layout and design. Realtors with the help of the AR app can help customers to figure the right layout for the existing plot. AR apps also show how the apartment will look, once the construction is done. Customers can also see how their existing furniture, appliances, etc. will look in the future apartment.  The future look works as the USP (Unique Selling point) of the property. For example, you can use the immobiliar app to get information about the property and know-how your office space or dining space will look.

·         Commuting issues

It is not possible to commute and see the property every time. The integration of Augmented Reality in real estate saves the time and money of Realtor as well as buyer. During the pandemic, the need for Augmented Reality technology has spiked more than ever.

Advantages of integrating Augmented Reality in real estate for the business:

Augmented Reality in Real estate

·         Effective marketing:

 Product and marketing are heart and soul in the digital era. An impactful increases the success rate. Augmented Reality in real estate makes marketing interactive and immersive. Augmented Reality in real estate is the biggest asset for real estate marketers. It is high time for real estate marketers to get over the dull newspaper advertisement and embrace Augmented Reality technology in the advertisement. People remember experiences and this influences their decision.

·         Easy to convert leads into customers:

 Customers are more certain about the property after having a 3D view. The ability to see the potential of the property with the help of Augmented Reality has proven to be a game-changer. Realtors can make their potential customers visualize their future home.

·         Interactive property models:

Realtors or agencies can set up different models as per client’s wish to fir their future life. Augmented Reality brings life to the model and makes it interactive. You get the flexibility to personalize the experience using Augmented Reality for your clients.

·         Better client engagement:

 Augmented Reality is fascinating technology. Clients are more interested in seeing and getting a better experience using technology. Agencies or Realtors can sustain client and engage them using Augmented Reality in real estate. It makes house hunting simple and specific. The in-detail display of property intrigues the client.

·         Bridges the distance limitation: 

Augmented Reality allows bridging the distance gap by offering a real-like view of the property. For eg, someone looking to invest in property before moving in or someone looking to invest in different countries. Augmented Reality gives a real-like view that eases decision making.

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