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5 Easy Steps To Make The Perfect NFT

  • November 9, 2021
  • 5 min read
5 Easy Steps To Make The Perfect NFT

If you’re an artist or designer and you’ve heard that somebody bought 69 million dollars worth of digital artwork by Beeple. You won’t ever reach the same level of excitement (unless you have some relationships with the Singaporean business of your buyer); however, you could still attempt to make an NFT that you can claim as your own. In the majority of instances, you’ll be losing some money. However, you’ll be able to jump onto the bandwagon and will be able to boast with your friends on Instagram as well as Twitter regarding it.

Choose your item

The first thing to do is select the image. After that, non-fungible tokens can be used to represent the digital content of any file. They can be made from digital artwork or text, a piece of music, or a video. In essence, everything can be made into multimedia files. The NFT game is about transforming digital art into “unique” artifacts with the promise of endless reproduction.

Keep some Ether available

After selecting the digital assets you want to use, it’s now time to purchase some Ether. It is possible to create NFTs on a myriad of different blockchains, however for simplicity for this article, we’ll choose to go with Ethereum. This is because it’s the most well-known and also the most well-known NFT marketplaces that work with it.

Minting an NFT can cost you the user money. So you’ll need an Ethereum wallet that includes Ether (the cryptocurrency based upon Ethereum) to use it. One of the most straightforward wallets to use is “MetaMask.” It can be downloaded as a free application for either your iPhone as well as an Android smartphone. The price required for the creation of the NFT is hugely fluctuating. It would be best if you had at least 100 dollars worth of Ether. Be aware that the process of minting can cost you more than the cost of operations per day.

If you’re planning to make your NFT through OpenSea, however, it’s not a cost due to the kind of token that the platform will generate, but you’ll need to connect your wallet to establish an account.

Select a market

Once you’ve got everything set up, You’ll need to choose an online marketplace that allows you to physically (virtually?) create your NFT. The most well-known ones include Mintable, Raible, or OpenSea. We’ll go with the latter in this guide because it’s free to join and offers no restrictions on the type of content you can list. This means that you don’t need to be recognized as an artist to sell on the marketplace. Unfortunately, this also means the marketplace is filled with digital products that nobody is ever likely to purchase.

On OpenSea, you can click on the user’s icon and then click on “My Profile.” From this screen, you’ll have the option to choose the best way to connect to your ETH wallet before proceeding. For example, in the case of MetaMask, and want to link it up to MetaMask by selecting “Use another Wallet” and then clicking WalletConnect. The process is pretty simple. Follow the prompts provided by the platform and then verify the Wallet Connect operation using your MetaMask application.

Create the NFT

After connecting the ETH Wallet to OpenSea, you’re able to start your own NFT. Select Create from the upper menu, and then you can create an account. Input all the information required and save. Then you’re ready to begin the actual minting process for an entirely new NFT. Click New Item, then load your artwork, and provide all the information you need regarding the item. When you’re ready to pull the trigger, select Create.

Congratulations! You’ve made your token! However, to sell it through OpenSea, you must first access the newly-minted item within your collection and then click the Sell button. On the page for selling, you’ll be able to select the Ethereum tokens you’ll use as payment if you are dealing with an agreed price or an auction, and also the profits you’d like to collect from your first and subsequent sale.


So, you’ve developed an NFT and have placed it in the OpenSea marketplace. What next? Doing nothing until you get noticed by someone else with your token isn’t going to bring you much. You’ll need to promote your item yourself, possibly to an existing group of people who would be curious about your project. This is the most challenging aspect and doesn’t have anything related to the creative process itself. Yes, it’s as rigorous and selective as the art world in physical form, except if you’re the person from the meme or other internet-related phenomenon. If so, congrats on finding ways to earn money from the embarrassing image everyone has used to ridicule you.

FAQ Most Frequently Ask Question 

Do I have the ability to make an NFT?

Anyone can sign up for an account on the Foundation. However, only specific creators can make NFTs. Foundation has published a comprehensive tutorial on how to mint NFTs through their platform. Foundation allows stamping NFTs by using images, video music files as well as 3D model models.

How do I create an NFT description?

Please inform us about your experience with NFT. Share stories and explain the tiniest of details. Be sure not to be boring; instead, please your visitors on the internet with captivating descriptions. In the end, write with passion because the passion you have for your work will be infectious.

How do I promote NFT art?

Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Twitter Medium Are the most well-known platforms for showcasing your collection. Explain the tools you employed to create the work, the primary concept behind the group, your mistakes if any, and so on. Remember that some are ignorant of NFT art.

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