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Print Is Dead Long Live Augmented Reality

  • June 18, 2021
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Print Is Dead Long Live Augmented Reality

It’s hard to imagine the ways in which augmented reality will change our lives in the future, but one area ripe for picking is the printed press.

In magazines for example, the images are stationary and don’t move or change. A picture says a thousand words but video or interaction says a lot more. This is because of long-live augmented reality.

Skip forward several years from now and imagine picking up the newspaper and looking at the TV guide, instead of seeing a still picture of the latest episode of lost long live augmented reality able to see a full-length trailer for tonight’s episode.

An AR marker :

Of course, this is possible already, marketers have been embedding AR markers into printed media for a while.

The problem is those black and white squares where the 3D content will be rendered mean very little to the human eye.

Unless you have some way to interpret the image into its long-live augmented reality form it’s a waste of advertising space.

But it’s only a matter of time before black and white markers are a thing of the past and we are able to recognize natural shapes.

Metaio is a company at the cutting edge of augmented reality development, in their latest vision video, we get a flavor of how the future of print may look once these barriers have been removed.

If you watch the video below you’ll notice how real shapes are used as markers making the content readable whether you are viewing it with an augmented reality device or the human eye.

Not only that but the augmented reality content is compelling and adds value to the product, a real marketers’ dream. I can’t sail but I now have an urge to buy a yacht having been brought into the dream.

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