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    5 Best Examples Of An Augmented Product

    An augmented product is a product that has been designed by its seller to include several additional benefits and features beyond just the physical product. Usually, these additional benefits come in the form of intangible features and services that accompany the purchase of that product. Product augmentation is a marketing strategy that brands and businesses […]

  • wearable technology


    Augmented Reality & Wearable Technology 2020

    Augmented reality, AR for short, is a mostly visual extension of reality. With the help of a computer-aided system, all five human sensory modalities can be expanded. In most cases, AR is used for visual expansion. Here, additional digital information such. B. Videos, images, texts, etc. over an existing image in reality, such as the […]

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    Augmented Reality business card from Inaugment online

    A few months ago we heard about augmented business cards in forums and blogs that some programmers made for testing purposes. Inaugment will integrate augmented reality (AR) advertising for the print sector more closely into the everyday life of business customers, says Daniel Klitzsch, founding member of Inaugment. Augmented reality business card. The company that […]