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Web AR Vs Mobile AR-Which one to choose and why?

  • October 3, 2020
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Web AR Vs Mobile AR-Which one to choose and why?
This article tells the advantage of web AR and Mobile AR. Read on to know which you should choose in web AR Mobile AR and why? Augmented Reality is one of the best entrants in the tech industry. Over the years it has been expanding continuously in terms of reach as well as innovation. For an amateur Augmenter Reality is a tech innovation that allows superimposing an artificial or animated object in the real environment.  AR has been gracefully embraced by some of the big giants such as Zara, Snapchat, Coco-cola, and many more. Augmented Reality has stepped into multiple fields with time such as gaming, entertainment, education, food industry, furniture enterprises, and more. You can have a look at yet another dynamic new entrant usability here https://inaugment.com/the-huge-shift-that-awaits-in-ar-vr-space-in-india-with-the-launch-of-jio-glass/ Web AR was introduced in the AR industry a year back, since then it has been a buzzing topic. Are you also curious about the fantastic possibilities that can be applied with the introduction of web AR?  Do you want to know the best features and usability of mobile AR? Well, great! Here, let us, deep-dive, into the much popular topic Web AR vs Mobile AR:

Web AR Vs Mobile AR :

What is Mobile AR?

Mobile AR is a medium to access the augment Reality content. A user uses mobile applications to get a rich experience. It has been prevailing in the market for years with no signs of signing off. Advantages of mobile AR:

  • Better control:
Mobile AR  allows the user to get better control of the application.  The owner can have control over different devices on which the application can be installed.  The user gets the facility to have control over the experience by adjusting the lighting, environment, features, and so on.  It becomes convenient to control the experience with the help of mobile AR applications.
  • Collection of user data

Another big advantage of using mobile AR is the user’s information. It is easy for companies to collect the data via login credentials provided by users. This helps to filter the content and customize it according to the users’ preferences. It makes the application more engaging.
  • Offline usage

Scalability is one of the important factors to be in the progressive condition for eternal. Mobile AR increases scalability. In some of the developing countries, the internet is not accessible with a good connection in every nook and corner. An app allows the user to access the content in offline mode as well. A mobile app provides support to places where the internet is not as fast or reliable as it should be for smooth running.

What is web AR?

To start with, as the name implies web AR means web-based AR. Web AR allows users to experience Augmented Reality content directly in the browser within the webpage. Initially, AR is restricted to only mobile implication. This imposed limitation did not allow the AR to grow in every dimension. The new development has opened the door for numerous new opportunities in the AR industry. With mobile AR having its own advantage, let us put some light on benefits offered due to web AR:
Image source: https://www.groovejones.com/web_ar/
  • Frictionless access:
The entry of web based ar has uprooted the restriction of installing an App to access the content. A user need not has to go through installing an app for each and everything based on AR.  Just a single click and you get the access. All your visitor needs to do is to click on the URL to have rich experience.
  • A pool of opportunities for marketers, advertisers, content creators:

Web AR has proven to be a game-changer for the marketing industry. Many companies wished to use AR technologies to promote their products. Even facebook jumped into it years ago to increase the marketing of products. Suppose you are advertising for your product using AR, but before that, your potential customer has to download the app. Many of them may not want to download the app and hence will pass on. With the use of web based ar user just has to click and will be able to get the enriched experience of AR and details of the product. Web AR has increased the space for content creators significantly.
  • Increases Return of Investment (ROI)

The real-time experience provided due to the use of Web based ar highly increases the chance to go for the product. Augmented Reality helps the user to see the real environment look after using a superimposed virtual object. Web AR allows to exponentially grow sales training by implementing scenario-based training.
  • Improves web traffic:

Web AR is buzzing around, people are curious about this new development.  Easy access to AR content is possible due to web based ar. A website that uses AR technology has the potential to provide the best possible highly intriguing information to a visitor. This ultimately increases web traffic.

A face-off between Web AR and Mobile AR!

Here, is a precise comparison between Web AR vs Mobile AR which will help you in choosing the apt for your project:
  •  Mobile AR gives the control to user and owner, unlike Web AR where a user has to experience in the same format as uploaded on the web.
  • Mobile AR gives a customized experience by collecting user credentials, unlike Web AR.
  • Web AR has the potential to increase marketing by leaps and bounds which is not possible through mobile AR.
  • Web AR has made access to content easy and frictionless whereas mobile AR allows limited use.
  • Just a click is enough to access the AR content with the help of web AR. In the case of mobile AR, a user needs to go to play store, install the application, and scan to get access which is a long procedure for this hectic world.

Final Note

Web AR has grown to be a game-changer in the AR world. A lot is yet to explore, innovate, and apply! One of the best parts of web based ar is its dimensionless usage in numerous aspects. If you are working on a project that needs instant user engagement web AR is the apt choice. You can choose mobile AR for the long term project. Would love to know your perspective.
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