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Why Augmented Reality Books Help Your Child Learn Smarter

  • September 28, 2019
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Why Augmented Reality Books Help Your Child Learn Smarter

Augmented reality may have been popularized by Pokemon Go, Snapchat filters and the likes, centering around entertainment, but that is just a minute aspect of what the technology can be used for. The education sector is one area where augmented reality can find a lot of use. The potential is massive, and in this article, we will focus on augmented reality books.

Each new wave of technology brings with it new possibilities and new trends to how we can go about learning. A very typical example is the digital revolution and all the changes it has brought (and is still bringing) to education. With it came the move from physical classrooms to online classes, printed books to ebooks (and audiobooks), and we even have educational games and more.

And now, with augmented reality pushing its way fast into the education sector, we are seeing new trends based on how this technology is being applied to learning, especially in creating and deploying educational models. An exciting aspect of this is augmented reality books. Let’s see how it works.

How It Works

Augmented reality merges the virtual world with the physical world. It displays virtual information over physical objects. When it comes to augmented reality books, what we have is a combination of traditional text materials with digital content which can be accessed using a smartphone or some other devices.

Think about a favorite book you own and love reading. Imagine that you turn to a page in the book and when you point your phone camera to that page, you begin to see a live demonstration of the information contained on the page via your phone screen. So what you basically need is a traditional book (with AR features) and a device (one that has a camera and a display unit) that can display the digital content linked to that book.

This gets really interesting when you begin to consider the various digital content that can be displayed through this technology. The possibilities are endless. You can have something as simple as an image or video; you can as well have animations, 3D models, and illustrations of different objects. Another important thing to note is the interactive feature that comes with augmented reality. This means that the reader can interact with the digital content displayed. 

How Augmented Reality Books Enhance Your Child’s Learning Process

When it comes to learning and assimilation, children are different, and they learn in different ways. Some can easily read and understand, while some others would learn better by hearing or seeing or doing. If you want to improve your child’s learning process, you may have to try different things to find what works best, and augmented reality books are an amazing try.

They combine different learning methods

Instead of just having books with texts and drawings on them, augmented reality books give the child access to other forms of content (like audios, videos, 3D models, etc.). A combination of several learning methods would enhance the learning process for your child, and this is one thing augmented reality makes possible.

They make characters come alive

Reading can be boring sometimes, especially for children. They have a short attention span, so it takes a good deal of efforts to keep them glued to a book for an extended period. That book has to be interesting. But augmented reality books come with a thrill since they are able to make the characters in the book come alive. Your child doesn’t just have to read about their favorite characters in a book; they can see these characters in front of them and better visualize what has been written about them.

There is room for interaction

Augmented reality makes a lot of room for interaction and engagement. It helps give the children an immersive experience with whatever they are reading about. The AR content of the books is often designed to encourage participation from readers. There are actions the child can take and different ways they can interact with the digital content. This makes reading an active experience, and they are involved in the learning process.

They make reading fun and interesting

To children, reading with augmented reality is so much like playing a game. They love games, so it is easy to get them to enjoy reading too. Their curiosity is encouraged, and they are led into an experience which they can relate to.

Some Interesting AR Books Your Child Would Love

The popularity of augmented reality books is growing. More book publishers are adopting it, and the results are impressive. According to The Bookseller, Carlton Books has sold over 3 million AR-enabled books in several countries and languages, via its Digital Magic platform. If you haven’t gotten any AR books yet for your child, here are some you can consider:

Jack Hunter: The French Connection

Released in 2012, the book centers around the character Jack Hunter, and is about adventure and treasure hunting, suitable for children between the ages of 11 and 14. The book is available in hardback, paperback, and digital format. The book is designed with AR content, as well as a game that gets the child involved in the story.

Crayola’s Color Alive Series

Crayola’s Color Alive is a series of what seems to be coloring books, but they do more than that. Each book comes with different characters that a child can color; however, they want. But after coloring them, they can scan each character using an app, and it will generate a 3D animation of what they painted. They can interact with these 3D models on the screen.

Bradley C. Grimm’s Goodnight Lad

Goodnight Lad is a thirty-page AR book for children. Each page contains very colorful characters that can be brought to life through an accompanying app, and they are fully interactive, with animations, touch, music, and sound effects.

If your child is struggling with reading, augmented reality books will help make them enjoy reading. With engaging content that brings the text to life, your child will gain more background knowledge about what they are reading. Augmented reality gives your child a smarter way to learn things.


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