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How to Purchase Digital Real Estate in Sandbox?

  • February 8, 2022
  • 7 min read
How to Purchase Digital Real Estate in Sandbox?

Purchasing digital real estate in the Sandbox may seem like it would be incredibly complicated, but it isn’t difficult at all! There are many steps involved, but with this guide, you’ll easily be able to navigate each one and know exactly what to do when purchasing your very own Land in the Metaverse! It’s fun and easy to do, so let’s get started. A step-by-step guide on buying Land in the digital real estate sandbox using Metaverse tokens. Learn how to make an exchange, create a wallet, and purchase VMS tokens, with links to additional resources and where you can learn more about Metaverse.

What is a Digital Real Estate Sandbox?

When we talk about real estate and buying property, most think about houses. However, real estate is much more than that in today’s world. Various products can consider property, but they aren’t exactly what you’d expect. And when it comes to owning and holding them, you don’t have them; instead, you purchase a right to use them. One such product type is digital items called virtual goods (which can also be referred to as digital real estate). Virtual goods include things like pixels or Land in a game, and some people buy these things with great frequency.

Tax Implications of Investing in Digital Real Estate

Digital real estate is similar to its brick-and-mortar counterpart, but investors should know two key tax considerations: taxes on capital gains and dividends. When you sell your land for a profit, that gain is considered capital gain and is taxed at either 0% or 15%, depending on your taxable income bracket. However, if you sold your Land for a loss or bought low and sold high, you can deduct those losses from other capital gains as well as ordinary income up to $3,000 annually. Additionally, when an investor receives digital dividends (if they own stock), those are also considered taxable. At current rates, there are no unique tax benefits for individuals regarding investing in digital real estate versus other investments.

Buying Digital LAND NFTs in The Sandbox

Today we’re going to talk about a topic that will be very familiar to many people interested in Virtual Reality. The first step towards realizing your dreams of owning a city or country of your own is buying digital Land using NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). I’m going to give you some advice and share my thoughts on how best you can go about purchasing Digital LAND. The following tips are based on my own experience and research. I hope they help. There are two significant caveats: First, beware of scammers! Second, don’t lose money! Don’t do anything illegal! Please don’t put down anymore than you can afford to lose if it all goes wrong for some reason. The Internet is full of other guides for writing smart contracts and understanding assets if you want to learn more and have fun doing so! This guide isn’t meant to dive deep into those topics – but rather an overview for new players looking to get started quickly.

Where Can I Find Digital Property?

If you want to purchase digital real estate, you must understand where you can get it. In general, there are only two ways: either by purchasing it directly from another player or by getting gift Land from a friend. Unfortunately, to date, there is no way of creating your property yet! Regardless of how you go about acquiring it, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For example what include with your purchase? How much do they charge for extra stuff like decorations? These are all critical questions that need answering before purchasing anything.

Benefits of Owning Digital Assets

Low transfer fees, high security, rapid transactions, and new market opportunities are among the main benefits of using digital assets. As a result, digital assets have virtually entered mainstream finance and are an incredible advancement in technology in their own right.

Digital assets are unregulated due to their decentralized nature, but they are a highly secure payment method. Paying with digital assets is rapidly becoming commonplace alongside paying with cash or debit card. There are many benefits for your business if you choose to use digital assets, of which the main ones described below. 

Cost-effective Transactions

Businesses undertake hundreds and even thousands of transactions every month and even every day. Digital assets hold the potential for firms to undertake cost-effective transactions. It is important to note that transaction fees can be relatively low when initiating transactions using digital assets. Still, the costs associated with dealings can vary widely depending on several factors. For this reason, it is essential to carefully check what processing fees, “gas” fees, and what the spread is when undertaking transactions using digital assets.

For example, when sending and receiving digital assets via third parties such as Coinbase, Coinomi, and Blockonomics, you will have no choice but to accept their spread, and transactions may incur processing fees as well. Therefore, when initiating P2P transactions, it is essential to check the distance that the counterparty charges. Furthermore, specific tokens charge gas fees for processing transactions, and these can vary from token to token, so it is worthwhile checking what fees specific tokens charge and selecting one that meets your needs.

High Security

Digital asset transactions record on transparent public ledgers that create an information flow of all transactions making it relatively easy to track transactions and establish audit trails. Furthermore, once a digital asset transaction, it can reverse or tamper with. As a result, you have control over your assets, and your transactions are protected by secure blockchain technology that prevents hackers from stealing or tampering with your funds.

Fast Transactions

Digital asset transactions are relatively fast, and you typically have greater control over the process. You can view and approve transactions and choose when transfers initiate, meaning there is less uncertainty and potentially reduced waiting times, unlike with payments systems such as the SWIFT network. Thanks to this, waiting times of several days and not knowing exactly when your funds will arrive is less common when using digital assets.

New Business Opportunities

Before you begin using digital assets in your business, you must consider the fact that digital assets are highly volatile. Due to the nature of digital assets, their value can rise and fall dramatically. Therefore, it is essential to factor this into your planning when exploring their use for commercial purposes. That said, the benefits of using digital assets for a business, including those outlined above, present significant advantages that could give your business a competitive advantage, especially in a growing market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Assets

Is buying Land in the Sandbox a good investment?

In the case of Sandbox, it happens to be the Sand token, and virtual world investors buy plots of Land with solid communities. That will boost desirability, which is how a new asset class develop.

How do I buy Land directly from the Sandbox?

You can purchase LAND in official The Sandbox LAND sales, held on the Map of The Sandbox website. The dates of these sales announce weeks in advance to allow you time to prepare. Alternatively, LAND can purchase second-hand on third-party NFT exchanges, such as OpenSea and Raible.

Is it wise to invest in a Sandbox?

However, the risks are real. Risk-averse investors will be better off avoiding The Sandbox (and other cryptocurrencies, too). However, highly aggressive investors like high-risk, potentially high-reward alternatives could like The Sandbox. That’s especially the case if they also enjoy gaming.

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