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The Augmented Reality in Retail in 2020

  • April 2, 2020
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The Augmented Reality in Retail in 2020


This topic produces a new virtual experience that enriches the connection between consumer and brand and may be utilized in almost any area, be it PC in the home, cellular devices or kiosks in stores. Retailers have traditionally relied on print advertising campaigns or other websites to market products.  

Augmented reality in retail stores:

Augmented reality employs the entire world around the consumer. They could put products in their house or even their own bodies. AR technology permits users to play merchants’ products and find out how they’d look and match in an area or onto themselves. Clients can catch and share content using virtual products.  

10 ways how augmented reality can help retailers

The integration of augmented reality in advertising efforts aims to construct customer connection, improve sales and add value to the shopper experience.  Retailers are getting an opportunity to draw their target market by means of multiple conventional and unconventional interactions.

Listed below are top ten ways which augmented reality might help retailers with videos to showcase:

1.   Improves conversion rates and reduces yields for clothing shops, (Virtual matching room)

2.   Optimizes warehouse space (SAP & Vuzix)

3.   Combines traditional retail experience and e-commerce (Yihaodian & O&M)

4.   Enhances brand recognition (Cosmos [Tavria-V])

5.   Empowers marketing campaigns (Volkswagen)

6.   Lets customers”try” before they purchase with a 3D product trailer (Lego)

7.   Shows additional information about products shown enriches shopping experience

8.   Searches for deals approximately (Valpak)(IBM  Research)

9.   Visualizes product catalogs (IKEA)

10. Brings customers inside a shop (Hugo Boss)  

Examples Of Retailers Making Use Of Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality (AR) is an enjoyable and helpful technology enabling shoppers to decide whether a product completely suits their wants, and informed retailers are wasting no time in creating software to greatly ease the current brand new shopping journeys. Augmented reality in retail is used in the future.

With each passing season, the trend is becoming bigger and better. These shifting realities in retail companies point to one thing, AR is your upcoming huge game-changer in the business.  

Many retailing brands are placing AR to practice as they advertise and promote their products, and beneath are seven top examples.

  • IKEA
  • The Gap
  • Converse
  • Burberry
  •  L’Oreal
  • BIC
  • Lego     

Virtual And Augmented Reality Rise

Translated, this means such ecommerce stalwarts like Amazon and Alibaba are attempting to get to this match longer as the technology evolves into customers’ homes.In fact, based on PYMNTS study, virtual reality will probably create some $1.8 billion through retail and advertising in 2022.  As that occurs, the amount of consumers of VR has been increasing and has probably dropped from 85 million to 171 million, with more profits expected. VR-enabled earnings are put to spike by some 3,000 percent, also. And it is not merely that the U.S. or China in which these profits are occurring.  As a nation like India further adopts eCommerce and electronic promotion, for instance, you could expect more AR and VR Technology adoption therein the new decade.  

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